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12 years 16 days * po/de.po: cleared two fuzzies
12 years 16 days 2 strings to retranslate
Commit 9168530419e1319e7755c4457ec0b0a5330cce19, by Richard Levitte
12 years 16 days merge of 'c1d601c7bf5824862d04a40fbab1ddc1124e4b48'

and 'fadddcbe1c773288eb5586343af8042b81f4c1d8'
Commit 35cea928cdd9c5013a426b0281f9fc6c05944da0, by
12 years 16 days * NEWS, UPGRADE,, debian/changelog, visualc/config.h,

win32/monotone.iss: Update version numbers and time stamps.
Commit fadddcbe1c773288eb5586343af8042b81f4c1d8, by Richard Levitte
12 years 20 days merge of '00becb64742bde356c89d0a2663bbe070699c039'

and '0215015cab0018d5a6e6a19de91e83d62499ea5d'

merge of '00becb64742bde356c89d0a2663bbe070699c039'
and '0215015cab0018d5a6e6a19de91e83d62499ea5d'

merge of '00becb64742bde356c89d0a2663bbe070699c039'
and '0215015cab0018d5a6e6a19de91e83d62499ea5d'

merge of '00becb64742bde356c89d0a2663bbe070699c039'
and '0215015cab0018d5a6e6a19de91e83d62499ea5d'
Commit 74919ffa59179306bcfa113cbd3a360d20054440, by Matthew Gregan , Thomas Moschny ,,
12 years 21 days * (erase_ancestors_and_failures,

accumulate_strict_ancestors): Eliminate the new_ancestors set, for
a slight increase in speed.
Commit 0215015cab0018d5a6e6a19de91e83d62499ea5d, by Thomas Moschny
12 years 21 days (revision_summary): make "status" and the commit

log summary show the same details. Include attr values too.
Commit d8cb31d550b8ce886dbd84c52211702325c91fbb, by Matt Johnston
12 years 22 days * (get_log_message_interactively): print the branch

name in the summary.
Commit 016d9e9f1f554fc6256d3b7f456fcf18bfda1446, by Matt Johnston
12 years 23 days * New command 'automate roots', prints the roots of

the revision graph, i.e. all revisions that have no parents.
* (interface_version): Increment interface version
* monotone.texi (Automation): Describe the new command.
* tests/automate_roots/__driver__.lua: New test.
* NEWS: Add note about new command.
Commit 213ad653e84c2afec8e30df6f8d458ccb80b1056, by Thomas Moschny
12 years 23 days * po/pt_BR.po: Some new strings translated.
12 years 24 days Updated
Commit 2ab83f15fbea5442b10bb1a28479f016d91374fa, by Richard Levitte
12 years 25 days * po/de.po: translated platform strings
12 years 25 days * unix/ use FL rather than F, no need to translate a command

line string
12 years 25 days New strings
Commit e5d67df2cb38b5050dfb8d5c84b538a7fa22b8d1, by Richard Levitte
12 years 25 days * po/ Include most platform files
Commit e8d02df6b5e00f2597f4d9eea8c78a570fadda6c, by Richard Levitte
12 years 25 days * win32/ Fix several errors in previous commit. Thanks to

Matthew Gregan for testing.
(make_temp_file): Remove unused variable.
(write_data_worker): Call W() correctly. Use std::string.
Commit 41bba26481c61757f4a07aba1412db1f573bd21d, by
12 years 25 days * platform.hh: Declare write_data_worker.

* unix/ (write_data_worker): Implement.
(make_temp_file): New static helper routine.
* win32/ (write_data_worker, make_temp_file): Similarly.
(rename_clobberingly): Actually fall back to MoveFile when MoveFileEx
Note: none of this code has even been compiled, and user_private mode
is not implemented.

* (write_data_impl): Add user_private argument. Use
write_data_worker. Remove 2-argument version.
(write_data): Adjust all overloads to match.
(write_data_userprivate): New function.
* file_io.hh: Declare write_data_userprivate.
* No need to include <sys/stat.h>.
(key_store::write_key): Use write_data_userprivate.
* tests/key_files_created_securely: New.
Commit 81798740507c3414f4833a7451f9b559ca03a167, by
12 years 25 days * (CMD(ssh_agent_export)): FIx stupid mistake in my

last change--calling .c_str() on a temporary string and using the
result leads to the dark side.
Commit a3672a50fd271765931641f7216c18c4aefef7be, by Matthew Gregan
12 years 25 days merge of '638217dcfdf230eb044c0adad32f5e9741405fc9'

and '64cfa6780e40348e2bb00e540356e20e81053010'
Commit 1db3da2d13158aa03547171c899582544a6d94e6, by Matthew Gregan
12 years 26 days xfailed test for diff against a revision where the parent

dir has been renamed
Commit 64cfa6780e40348e2bb00e540356e20e81053010, by Matt Johnston
12 years 26 days * NEWS: Update SQLite version (to be) included in 0.35.
Commit 4d92ae5d1d4d70db7f1dff07dd01c98675f495cf, by Matthew Gregan
12 years 26 days * sqlite/*: Import SQLite 3.3.17.
Commit 3aba06c7cd6c94f2d78500e8b29e5bf6ff5cc7a7, by Matthew Gregan
12 years 27 days Spelling corrections
Commit 386bd5fab3b55635765c1f0bc3beddbe970afc8d, by Richard Levitte
12 years 27 days * NEWS: No tabs
Commit 63e23cf36e5199e691f594b2b8ca8298fedb42c0, by Richard Levitte
12 years 1 month merge of '233adfd919d2a83b5e60e3629b5d8228deb9fca0'

and 'bc0c97a7c3948e1b15bdb2cabe8cc1073c92b692'
Commit 2dbb3ad115d10494b2841b26296275f92512c8f4, by Richard Levitte



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