monotone Mtn Change Log

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11 years 10 months * Merge the last two entries (0.36-1 and 0.36-2) into 0.36-1 because this

really is the first upload of 0.36 to Debian, and this has to be 0.36-1.
11 years 10 months * Bump boost build-deps to (>= 1.34.1-2) for packaging changes that make

the configure script find the single-threaded version of
* Re-enable -DBOOST_SP_DISABLE_THREADS; the above should render it
unnecessary. This eliminates the sole divergence from upstream.
* Correct invalid assumption in tests/invalid_--root_settings that
the build directory is not a subdirectory of /tmp.
* Build-depend on patch, for the sake of the testsuite.
Commit 565e5e9b94744378943083d3de0dec613ca4278a, by
11 years 10 months explicit merge of 'e4bc808d89e029ce623f9e8f2b10c84006b83fb5'

and '9cd7bf7636220d1bf5bc10657112bf1597e84215'
Commit e4999d2e02ed91b99615faef31f3af6f173e41c3, by



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