monotone Mtn Change Log

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12 years 14 days * NEWS: Set release date and time

* debian/changelog, monotone.spec: Correct release date and time
12 years 14 days * monotone-server.postinst, monotone-server.postrm: Do not assume

full pathnames of ucf or adduser. Use ucfr as well as ucf.
At purge time:
- do not assume ucf, adduser, or debconf are available (closes: #434604).
- if not asked to manage the database, do not delete it.
- if deleting the database and there is a hot journal, delete that too.
- delete editor backups of ucf-managed conffiles.
- expunge the auto-generated key's passphrase from
/etc/monotone/passphrases and if that leaves the file empty,
delete it.
- do not delete the monotone user or group if leaving /var/lib/monotone
on the filesystem.
Commit 27203a5463204eb83935799c7eaa3cde99c7b865, by
12 years 14 days Fix typo
Commit 10c20bdc0649ea83956508b1dc4aac92afb2da02, by
12 years 14 days * UPGRADE,, debian/changelog, monotone.spec, visualc/config.h, win32/monotone.iss: Update version information.
Commit 5624619a0b300d1edfe58f61b2559324c30b99a8, by Richard Levitte
12 years 14 days * NEWS: Update with the latest news.
Commit d25c09e66ee2c99dad82ba83f82f4a67a7dd4920, by Richard Levitte
12 years 14 days * INSTALL: Give a hint on the memory that may be needed to build.
Commit 9c266037b86ee5e7704cbfb68f48199dcc1813e2, by Richard Levitte
12 years 14 days * contrib/ detect hooks with variable number of args.
Commit 0f9fe3cd5b00020ad6f3f2033d920542c56e9ba9, by Richard Levitte
12 years 14 days merge of '7a62a1f361eb6c702d05fbc47f71562c7938babd'

and 'fd897de8497eb8042cd29952b014e7d727969989'
Commit b49398825f80919fec9f2e3c7dda60841f5516d2, by
12 years 14 days merge of '971467ff8cdfe9212971d0439acc8e1e2f952ef2'

and 'cfd5718d9e34067b0dabaadccda3aad84fd7776f'
Commit fd897de8497eb8042cd29952b014e7d727969989, by
12 years 15 days * po/it.po: updated and translated a bit (79 to go).
12 years 15 days * contrib/ : Allow "open" to handle more variations on its

arguments. e.g. Open without specifying the db.
Commit 0ed0913fa8be2add28c88fc997fbd3fde9199d2f, by
12 years 15 days * contrib/ : Clean up return args a little based on a better

understanding of the automate interface.
Commit 7d689a8648882c848005789897e0df305dad53e3, by
12 years 15 days * contrib/ : A new perl module to start a "mtn automate stdio"

subprocess and parse calls to it. I'm not a Perl hacker by any stretch
of the imagination, so it would be nice if someone who knew what they
were doing cleaned this up.
Commit 26766477ac2c96aabfa90a681bb6594d12eb53fa, by
12 years 16 days merge of '5b480a7c3184de080621435fae5ee6aa00b1ea0f'

and 'a97d5b81193df2c680830205da091d1a2c5a3b46'
12 years 16 days merge of 'cab3afab8e1b3727ea9062a4a88c0db126caf6d6'

and 'd306d218530b9f0cceaa96b2088bad9f7877a5c4'
12 years 16 days * sqlite/vdbe.c: work around a bug in gcc-4.2, per request from

Jack (John) Cummings.
12 years 18 days * po/de.po: fixed a fuzzy
Commit b78672c7f625a5875db79b4a27567e751e1103bc, by Marlen Keller-Hettmann
12 years 21 days merge of '152f465810dd18058fe3b9bc4ee135bef6063abb'

and '7d975f7ab1d728ef339863d8f2386d0fa0cfe820'
Commit 51ce5b08b1cdcbeb36fb0443384a75e0d9be17f8, by Richard Levitte
12 years 21 days disapproval of revision '1e72bdba9d257eafb14903c8eaa4d1e4148539e4'
Commit 7d975f7ab1d728ef339863d8f2386d0fa0cfe820, by Richard Levitte
12 years 22 days * tests/empty_environment/__driver__.lua: libintl not needed

with mingw or MSVC.
12 years 23 days * unix/ Linux has a different spelling for AT_SYMLNK_NOFOLLOW
12 years 23 days * It seems that many system don't have AT_SYMLNK_NOFOLLOW so add a check

for it.
Commit c02da998a08367f75491062f85db7672932de4c9, by
12 years 24 days * unix/ do_read_directory(): If stat on a file fails with ENOENT then

don't just ignore that, try again with lstat. If the lstat succeeds then
count the broken link as a file. If the lstat fails then fail. Include
error string in failure message if we fail.
Commit 8dea11199a9f18710191738801de5895951166de, by
12 years 24 days * unix/, unix/, Convert uses of errno so that errno

is stored before any other system calls are made, e.g. gettext calls, so that we
are sure the correct error is returned.
Commit 9a2503b029f89a50815bb33917cf29f92137731d, by
12 years 24 days merge of '474b684706c6c951afb96ad33b36675d42d3de3d'

and 'c01c2e47aea2f567ac19e0801abc974a4473ee1f'
Commit 5be1d0b69666abe83cf123cebf791d6031ac6cf3, by



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