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11 years 6 months * NEWS, UPGRADE,, debian/changelog, monotone.spec,

visualc/config.h, win32/monotone.iss: Update release time stamp and
version number.
Commit c21eefc002b8f9c430e9f4cc16c4af7b852f54ec, by Richard Levitte
11 years 6 months * NEWS: Add a line about the latest Botan update.
Commit c1f58340cdad2f8d6e9f607b5e0e38d8d98ee3a5, by Richard Levitte
11 years 6 months merge of '59ed4176f35429e28c2732071a3a63319869a226'

and 'b2d1502940d50bb0fbb1664e052e21ad914c812e'
Commit 8d470f30c99cdc73f3a3965d8597e61f6542ccea, by
11 years 6 months * AUTHORS, debian/copyright: Clarifications.

* debian/changelog: Mention this.
Commit b2d1502940d50bb0fbb1664e052e21ad914c812e, by
11 years 6 months * visualc/unit_tests.vcproj: remove one more vestigial views.sql reference
Commit ae63dc77f781c7e7a4b36da748e534935b293dcf, by
11 years 6 months * views.sql: drop unused file.

* .mtn-ignore, visualc/monotone.vcproj, visualc/unit_tests.vcproj:
remove vestigial references to views.sql or files created from it.
Commit e04bb783cda879d74a7eb07601c11a8d0e387a8e, by
11 years 6 months * AUTHORS, po/it.po: added missing names.
11 years 6 months * po/it.po: Updated and translated a bit (12 to go).
11 years 6 months Mancano 3 trad. Roberta Lazzeri.
Commit fc33368116307324b6345cb7397f1ae566b5caa1, by
11 years 6 months merge of '10c3872bf1164b6d90343831e9c8fcba6b7fee4e'

and '2e8ab4fd59e3a695daf0c5809dd3670b922c8b0b'
11 years 6 months Roberta Lazzeri. Mancano 24 righe.
Commit 2e8ab4fd59e3a695daf0c5809dd3670b922c8b0b, by
11 years 6 months Tradotta qualche linea, ne mancano 27. Roberta Lazzeri
Commit c7e33e9a055b7ae9c6436f743ff92dcb86d1b67f, by
11 years 6 months * (ace_to_utf8, utf8_to_ace): Make static. Use bare strings for

variables containing ACE-encoded data.
(internalize_cert_name, internalize_rsa_keypair_id)
(externalize_rsa_keypair_id, internalize_var_domain, externalize_var_domain):
Update to match.
(struct idna): Remove unused fields. Convert UCS4 input sequences to UTF8.
(charset:idna_encoding unit test): Silence a warning. Remove code to
convert from UCS4 to UTF8.
(charset:utf8_validation unit test): Break up long string constants into
multiple string literals.

* charset.hh (utf8_to_ace, ace_to_utf8): Remove prototypes.
(display_width): Clarify comment.
*, constants.hh (legal_ace_bytes): Remove.
* (call_server): Pass UTF-8 form of address directly to formatter.
Remove obsolete FIXME.
* (verify_full<ace>): Delete.
* vocab_terms.hh (ace): Delete.
Commit 614b730fd5129f773b53e6f0c33816e79ac78b3c, by
11 years 6 months merge of '0d5eee9b3640364732e603bdd613479cbd62b2b8'

and '1498bcf87eb6eb87aa12cbd2799111fba209f837'
Commit b04cd584f3b674059f12afd49cad71a03915871b, by
11 years 6 months merge of '45c06e2f6d0180bf5d80716d069a76a388f65291'

and '7885ff2317d2fbd2298ed3c41415846f24d03cb6'
Commit 1498bcf87eb6eb87aa12cbd2799111fba209f837, by
11 years 6 months remember that the MTN_MERGE=diffutils now can be used for non-modal workspace-based merging
Commit 7885ff2317d2fbd2298ed3c41415846f24d03cb6, by Ralf S. Engelschall
11 years 6 months One fuzzy
Commit faf79d7a253ea16057e71a711a7c4ea7d473ea9f, by Richard Levitte
11 years 6 months merge of '02aad692056b660e1cef87ad89fb72852080d12c'

and '17a0f870aa5e8e54c25ab2750180a6692af8c6d9'
Commit 5de8b1b582a96276a9139857a0701014fc0d27e8, by Richard Levitte
11 years 6 months po/es.po: one fuzzy fixed.
Commit 17a0f870aa5e8e54c25ab2750180a6692af8c6d9, by
11 years 6 months *, Sprinkle 'const' around the unit tests as necessary

to make gcc 4.2 stop complaining about deprecated conversions, except where
it's the system headers' fault. (String constants need to be stored in
const char * variables.) Also make sure that arrays of constant strings
are themselves constant.
Commit 148cbdbd598248a2427acc8512935bd73a801a29, by
11 years 6 months * NEWS: Grammar fix.

* lua-testsuite.lua: Add sanity check for writable /tmp.
Commit 7dce5dc7eb311277aed7eabb4990e6fc5c55d6d2, by
11 years 6 months * po/de.po: one fuzzy fixed
11 years 6 months * cmd.hh: new function subcommands() which returns all visible subcommands

of a command as a names_set
* mtn help now lists all available commands per group; also
reworded the general help below slightly to match the changes and removed
the extra whitespace at the end
11 years 7 months Further improve "diffutils" merger:

- remove left-over debugging output

- replace MTN_MERGE_DIFFUTILS "showall" option with a generic "diff3opts"
which can be used like this MTN_MERGE_DIFFUTILS="partial,diff3opts=-E -O"
for passing arbitrary flags to diff3(1).

- add "sdiffopts" option for passing arbitrary flags to sdiff(1).

- let diff3(1) default to "--merge [-A]" instead of "--merge -E".

- consistently use gettext() for verbose messages
Commit 133d7c3ff21229143d27ccd7cca5d64d2b117335, by Ralf S. Engelschall
11 years 7 months * po/it.po: updated and translated a bit (70 to go).



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