monotone Mtn Change Log

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11 years 7 months * debian/patches/00list: Correctly add the .dpatch extension.

* debian/patches/01_disable_SIGPIPE_test.dpatch: Working version.
* debian/rules: Add the rules needed to have patching work.
Commit 1abf2fb817e0c873af11692ee25764193e9980e3, by Richard Levitte
11 years 7 months explicit merge of 'c1757f6cde49bddd77c82580059105bc470145b2'

and 'e11ac7b389e7ce4c98a3d671eedea18cf4ca3054'
to branch 'net.venge.monotone.debian-diff'
Commit 68b91b36c197c1942f027433f219f2cc60744124, by Richard Levitte
11 years 7 months * debian/patches/01_disable_SIGPIPE_test.dpatch,

debian/patches/00list: Add a patch to disable the log_quits_on_SIGPIPE
test temporarly.
* debian/changelog: Document the change.
Commit e11ac7b389e7ce4c98a3d671eedea18cf4ca3054, by Richard Levitte
11 years 7 months disapproval of revision '01b9a4f28859b2b21bbfec26b4842c79b7fa7a3b'
Commit 180edc8e549b67732f51cbae710d5c93e40e842e, by Richard Levitte
11 years 7 months * tests/log_quits_on_SIGPIPE/__driver__.lua: Disable on Linux

until it's fixed to work properly.
* debian/changelog: Document it.
Commit 01b9a4f28859b2b21bbfec26b4842c79b7fa7a3b, by Richard Levitte
11 years 7 months * debian/rules: Turn compiler optimization back on by default. Doh!

* debian/copyright: Point specifically to GPLv2.
* Backport upstream's relicensing of the manual under the GPL.
Commit ae02e4c9615687381030cf0e80aaf651921a3f4c, by
11 years 8 months Move the changes from Zack (monotone-0.37-2a) into a new changelog entry

(0.37-3). Upload to unstable.
Commit c5a32f5fb334a32c4aadcf3a6ebf140ed4a4df3e, by Ludovic Brenta
11 years 8 months * debian/mtn.1: Lintian fixes: don't use bare '-', always '\-' or '\(hy'.

* debian/rules: Lintian fixes: don't ignore all errors from make distclean,
just skip that step if no Makefile.
* debian/rules: cross-compilation fixes: give only --build if --build and
--host would be the same; export DEB_*_ARCH; suppress the testsuite if
build != host; support DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck.
* debian/changelog: note bug #450646 fixed by previous commit, mention
above changes.
Commit bab1e6e94070b83703d9c037ed6ee30b1f964bce, by
11 years 8 months * debian/rules: Rewritten. Go to some length to not build any of the

formatted manuals from dpkg-buildpackage -B.
* debian/control: No longer build-depends on cdbs. Restore B-D/B-D-I
distinction. Description fixes.
* debian/ Rename (moving the info file to the
monotone-doc package) and make sure to ship broken-up info files.
* debian/monotone-doc.dirs: New file; create dirs for HTML manual.
* debian/*.docs: Don't ship ABOUT-NLS, which is boilerplate, or the
all-in-one-giant-file HTML manual.
* debian/monotone.install: Drop, no longer necessary.
* debian/changelog: Update for 0.37-2.
Commit a601404533352364303a0397dcc35aa5903b6f4b, by
11 years 8 months * monotone-server.postinst: Set permissions and ownership of just-created

directories whether or not we created the monotone user.
Patch by Michael Berg. (Closes: #437978)
Commit 39fa556e33a1522c50e94ef5b6c482f25140393e, by
11 years 8 months * debian/changelog: Reincorporate entries for versions 0.27-1 and 0.27-1.1, which

were once uploaded to Debian but somehow got lost from the official changelog.
Commit de695cbf2696098635f8500ff601d5aeca031aa0, by
11 years 8 months Backport from mainline: fixes for bashisms in monotone-server postinst,

config, and init.d script.
applied changes from a1d35eeac73fd96f169fefa0e6b84fc8e5ac3f7b
through 6f9edd3ae924df1142f42a553953310f73ede1ab
Commit 3787eed5a9458db22f9e6ee68f56b173599ad204, by
11 years 8 months Backport from mainline: fix for buildds that set HOME to a directory that

exists but is inaccessible.

applied changes from c90e1f7d66ac8fe88fc50ea50852607b6ddb8e45
through a1d35eeac73fd96f169fefa0e6b84fc8e5ac3f7b
Commit 756a1107d70a5fd74a57300bf176f949af62f520, by
11 years 8 months * delete the changelog entry for 0.36-2, which was never uploaded and was

mistakenly merged in from n.v.m.
11 years 8 months explicit merge of 'c21eefc002b8f9c430e9f4cc16c4af7b852f54ec'

and 'a6d8b6a4b6c95782b1e721b5652cd60d0d56df3b'



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