monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
11 years 3 months * Close the wishlist bug asking for the new upstream release.
Commit f344a1056aecda30ed42babcd503cfc8f3728ba4, by Ludovic Brenta
11 years 4 months * debian/control, debian/rules: Because we're currently not making

any patching, let's remove the requirement for dpatch.
Commit 0ebdd53afcc39ee210e98c92f65620642b5a49c1, by Richard Levitte
11 years 4 months Reportedly, the patch to disable the SIGPIPE test isn't needed any more.
Commit 8894b885e1eb0a5f10517a2c4ce347557616db8b, by Richard Levitte
11 years 4 months explicit merge of 'dedb7e96fe917e0e8a30862b38e8092eefd7afa3'

and 'cbb11e1e8eea97e8b66854c2acfeb0ac6b3db896'
to branch 'net.venge.monotone.debian-diff'
Commit 2c2971b2e6e4d07c359f70713a475f31ff8c31ef, by Richard Levitte



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