monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
11 years 3 months * NEWS: Set release date.
Commit dedb7e96fe917e0e8a30862b38e8092eefd7afa3, by Richard Levitte
11 years 3 months * UPGRADE,, debian/changelog, monotone.spec,

visualc/config.h, win32/monotone.iss: Update version and release
Commit 1400ff01702794fd0db3b927573d548eb72ca9e0, by Richard Levitte
11 years 3 months * NEWS: a few additions before releasing
Commit ce16a7971dc422707631a109da145854e7e1a075, by Richard Levitte
11 years 3 months 2 fuzzies...
Commit 3a6a8aaf5d511d003413da129c0a507ee120fb68, by Richard Levitte
11 years 3 months GCC 4.3 build fixes:

* boost/circular_buffer_base.hpp: Use boost::reverse_iterator in two
typedefs, to avoid "declaration changes meaning of symbol" errors.
* (a_scalar): Similarly, for std::set in argument list of a
function named "set".
* debian/changelog: This patch fixes Debian bug 455646.
Commit 18e78f2ad11255b90f553d05a01a687e33648e18, by
11 years 3 months merge of 'b3e6cb76a5f8c8056f441344715efa062e2845e3'

and 'cee777f21b7d09af46deab1a8c32892949204c28'
Commit 5b480e3b5f67dbaba3d196e1021de7f45670b3d4, by
11 years 3 months Fix ws_ops_with_wrong_node_type test for previous change.
Commit cee777f21b7d09af46deab1a8c32892949204c28, by
11 years 3 months 'automate get_current_revision' now fails if issued on clean workspace

* monotone.texi: updated doc
* implemented change
* tests/automate_get_current_revision: add test for clean workspace
* tests/automate_get_current_revision_id: don't check clean workspace because 'get_current_revision' doesn't support it now
Commit f62181ae98259ddb2defbfdbbd72eefd7fe88553, by
11 years 3 months Correct NEWS entry about PCRE update
Commit 305de30eed0937e803d110248c2cad0e7ed8f2a8, by



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