monotone Mtn Change Log

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11 years 4 months * NEWS: Set release date.
Commit dedb7e96fe917e0e8a30862b38e8092eefd7afa3, by Richard Levitte
11 years 4 months * UPGRADE,, debian/changelog, monotone.spec,

visualc/config.h, win32/monotone.iss: Update version and release
Commit 1400ff01702794fd0db3b927573d548eb72ca9e0, by Richard Levitte
11 years 4 months * NEWS: a few additions before releasing
Commit ce16a7971dc422707631a109da145854e7e1a075, by Richard Levitte
11 years 4 months 2 fuzzies...
Commit 3a6a8aaf5d511d003413da129c0a507ee120fb68, by Richard Levitte
11 years 4 months GCC 4.3 build fixes:

* boost/circular_buffer_base.hpp: Use boost::reverse_iterator in two
typedefs, to avoid "declaration changes meaning of symbol" errors.
* (a_scalar): Similarly, for std::set in argument list of a
function named "set".
* debian/changelog: This patch fixes Debian bug 455646.
Commit 18e78f2ad11255b90f553d05a01a687e33648e18, by
11 years 4 months merge of 'b3e6cb76a5f8c8056f441344715efa062e2845e3'

and 'cee777f21b7d09af46deab1a8c32892949204c28'
Commit 5b480e3b5f67dbaba3d196e1021de7f45670b3d4, by
11 years 4 months Fix ws_ops_with_wrong_node_type test for previous change.
Commit cee777f21b7d09af46deab1a8c32892949204c28, by
11 years 4 months 'automate get_current_revision' now fails if issued on clean workspace

* monotone.texi: updated doc
* implemented change
* tests/automate_get_current_revision: add test for clean workspace
* tests/automate_get_current_revision_id: don't check clean workspace because 'get_current_revision' doesn't support it now
Commit f62181ae98259ddb2defbfdbbd72eefd7fe88553, by
11 years 4 months Correct NEWS entry about PCRE update
Commit 305de30eed0937e803d110248c2cad0e7ed8f2a8, by
11 years 5 months * (get_revision): make id argument mandatory; the new command

'get_current_revision' now serves the functionality which was implied there
* monotone.texi: documented here
* NEWS: noted here
* tests/*: replaced get_revision calls without arguments with calls to
11 years 5 months * new command 'automate get_current_revision' retrieves restricted revision represented by current workspace

* monotone.text: get_current_revision documented
* tests/automate_get_current_revision/*: added test case for get_current_revision
* NEWS: info about get_current_revision
Commit f6cb000f1bbcf35e6458c5e62e10ecef02021752, by
11 years 5 months monotone.texi (Merge Conflicts): Move most common conflicts first, add example of how to resolve duplicate names.
Commit d6517813b56675ff4a5e6c67dc391fff3dc1fc36, by
11 years 5 months merge of '0fc1a0028e80e557674671d9c5933d4089604c04'

and '74473d11d46da2593a850b2d7c804a9287e50967'

merge of '0fc1a0028e80e557674671d9c5933d4089604c04'
and '74473d11d46da2593a850b2d7c804a9287e50967'
Commit 169228321846e89779b8a01a18b6c58ba0b2c600, by,
11 years 5 months merge of '67c93812edf9753766b9474571cb3815aca3b729'

and '7377dd05095081218a0eb02de37ee0fb152837b8'
11 years 5 months merge of '3dfc89782f61971a5c582bb265dfe50b9b7ecaa3'

and 'a83bcd1e8b864eb2c3177786c24feabadba73b65'
11 years 5 months merge of '084c843cea81265c0577121ddbaf2fcc6e33a1bd'

and '4e18659b6a0bb19aac19cd9e0d6124222f6e11ac'
11 years 5 months * monotone.texi (Merge Conflicts): new section describing the various

conflict types and resolution strategies; plus fixes for a couple of
small unrelated issues
11 years 5 months * (clone):

* (checkout): remove unnecessary use of shared_ptr's
* (resolve_merge_conflicts): only run second merge pass if
there are remaining conflicts that require user intervention
11 years 5 months * tests/log_quits_on_SIGPIPE/__driver__.lua: Rewrite to test the behavior

we actually care about, and (hopefully) be more robust as well.
* tests/log_quits_on_SIGPIPE/hookfile: No longer required, delete.
Commit 8ec95708ff8b9f2b43ecb3d83e4d7dbbf4771b2d, by
11 years 5 months merge of '25fb65981eac6e189a3f12533c998c149778c568'

and 'e9cdd684fe389ca0d770e82e57a49bccfa9058fd'
Commit 6ba23d58c69de81159e27874de4f2221d34aa755, by
11 years 5 months * AUTHORS, pcre: Import PCRE 7.6.

* NEWS: Document this.
* m4/pcre.m4: Error out, rather than falling back to the bundled
version, if --with-system-pcre is given and we can't find the system
pcre or it's unsuitable. Treat any version of PCRE other than the
bundled one as unsuitable. Document all of this.
* tests/ One diagnostic changed.

* debian/control: Build-depend on libpcre3 (>= 7.6, << 7.7).
* debian/shlibs.local: New file; constrain runtime libpcre3 use to
(>= 7.6, << 7.7) as well.
* debian/rules: Add --with-system-pcre to configure invocation, and
document the constraints on pcre usage. Remove unsuccessful
attempt to avoid Alpha compiler bugs by using -O1.
* debian/changelog: New entry for 0.39-1.
Commit e9cdd684fe389ca0d770e82e57a49bccfa9058fd, by
11 years 5 months * tests/merge_update_part_of_file: Expected to fail.
Commit bdf1919dde5d3b2d43db997cceae26c94838d7bc, by
11 years 5 months In the testsuite, pass --confdir and --file arguments

to servers spawned for file: sync. Add a test for this.
Commit cba5427fbb4d8aaa53f29145a0118ae40d4292a9, by Timothy Brownawell
11 years 5 months merge of '299aa7073f4bd8e4812c19d447d6a6a0622b86a5'

and '941ca0c2752a096e4035c7366c9588c3a19f418f'
Commit 4518bd9dce00a867316065750782abd67d895339, by Timothy Brownawell
11 years 5 months New merge_update_part_of_file test

This adds a new test for a merge failure I have just found while working
on ATF. This problem appears when running 'update' on a tree that has a
file that already carries part of the changes that are in the target
revision. These already-committed changes confuse the merge algorithm
because the removed text is very similar to the text that is left.

This check fails with the current version of monotone and I have no fix
for it. Hopefully having this test in the tree will force someone
knowledgeable enough to look at it, and it won't get lost.
Commit 941ca0c2752a096e4035c7366c9588c3a19f418f, by



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