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10 years 10 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 9b264ec9247ce99cd1fdc5293e869c1a60b01c4c)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone.debian-diff' (head e7ba075226f411dcdf6cbc19c25a3ff19f81fdeb)
Commit 592d1a58fc22c9e30bd08fd01d9e4466ecd65c9d, by
10 years 10 months Drop a handful of files created simultaneously on .debian-diff and mainline, prior to propagating from mainline
Commit e7ba075226f411dcdf6cbc19c25a3ff19f81fdeb, by
10 years 11 months Fix changelog syntax
Commit ffd011757a033b9407b4330f7498f104983cf486, by
10 years 11 months applied changes from af0ac243340ee1819af56f8a33968680a39bcfd5

through 0125b06a9ba582883342da4c77e9be433d931802
Commit 628b6dadaf06b6a7e0427b5732d8b6300b58038a, by
11 years 1 month * Backport from upstream development tree:

- fix for broken ssh_agent support
- testsuite hardening against unusable network, and DISABLE_NETWORK_TESTS
environment variable support
- improved contrib/
* debian/rules: Set DISABLE_NETWORK_TESTS when running the testsuite;
this may cure the mips buildd problems for real. Also, implement
support for DEB_BUILD_OPTS=parallel rather than probing available CPUs.
* monotone binary package Suggests: monotone-doc and monotone-server
(Closes: #476155)
Commit cff68817b42559f7a86b2007a4d032b2eae7bb43, by
11 years 1 month * debian/monotone-doc.postinst: New file dealing with conversion of

/usr/share/doc/monotone-doc into a symlink.
* debian/monotone-server.dirs: add /usr/share/monotone.
* debian/monotone-server.postinst: Deal with conversion of
/usr/share/doc/monotone-server into a symlink. Get ucf-managed
files in /etc/monotone from /usr/share/monotone.
* debian/rules: Ship baseline read-permissions, write-permissions,
and hooks.lua in monotone-server/usr/share/monotone.
* debian/changelog: version 0.40-4.
Commit 4ede752e094038b1215556f2045a73aa49c38a93, by
11 years 1 month bring over 0.40-3 from mainline

applied changes from fa33b855bfe0dc8a809dca5ac11b4fc598fc2193
through 851b6036f854decc039d53440c849996e1ff6e9d
Commit 5ad97245c39ed511dff2003697e1b94c31da9e84, by
11 years 1 month Bring over from mainline a bunch of fixes for Debian issues.

applied changes from 8e3f44c9b23514a81d2d70d4c54285404a4814fc
through e58ec38769a0243f2a613b930d036c1c4c04bee0

applied changes from e58ec38769a0243f2a613b930d036c1c4c04bee0
through 5fa7bec14411e9fd41ad0a9d47e72cedf3078154
Commit c35302cf0d387044af072d1dbcac1c78f4fabb17, by
11 years 3 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 5ccc279f9dea0444b47f03dd5291ecc985fcb7f6)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone.debian-diff' (head f5af29b2f670b5282a33db7558fa21f25d03aef7)
Commit 4ec0368859a277471aef61213a6d86638f92f9e6, by Richard Levitte
11 years 3 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head a4611ea1302982b5fe0b2b34c06f372c85c2a720)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone.debian-diff' (head 46086a7b9eea1d2efbdfce2ec3a8dd75ed10b02f)
Commit f5af29b2f670b5282a33db7558fa21f25d03aef7, by Richard Levitte



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