monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
10 years 10 months * debian/changelog: on request by Zack
10 years 10 months * NEWS: added release date

*, visualc/config.h: version set
* monotone.spec: version set as well, whitespace cleanup
* win32/monotone.iss: new global defines APPNAME and APPVERS which
ease the updating; new version set
* notes/release-checklist.txt: note the change in monotone.iss
10 years 10 months * NEWS: add a note that we've suspend certs and we've just forgot to

mention them for the 0.37 NEWS entry...
10 years 10 months Finally fix 'make distcheck'.
Commit 08f450b788e912fa2d82a01ef28a71440de41dd9, by Thomas Moschny
10 years 10 months Add --help and --version to mtnopt.

'make distcheck' now fails in during 'make distclean'.
Commit f4d758aed3a749a87073a924f9362a5c074a636e, by Thomas Moschny
10 years 10 months Fix the 'util_mtnopt' test. 'make distcheck' still fails,

because mtnopt doesn't support --help or --version yet.
Commit c756c442fee529e4496939c9242cc9dfaa5535c7, by Thomas Moschny
10 years 10 months Partly fix 'make distcheck'. The 'util_mtnopt' test is still failing though.
Commit 901b9cb1d0a33e029cd1106653ee6b16ddcc71d2, by Thomas Moschny
10 years 10 months A couple of small Debian packaging fixes pre version 0.41
Commit f827f22637bd379e550e7b74104f62a2e56a86ca, by
10 years 10 months merge of '98c898f630cd1b8eba32400f60870a2b9509d035'

and 'd99e090b02cd9a347801e261a3e5127bab356f58'
10 years 10 months - Add note about bugfix for anonymous netsync.

- Polishing.
Commit d99e090b02cd9a347801e261a3e5127bab356f58, by Thomas Moschny
10 years 10 months merge of '2a8a527267594845ef05344f96f2873aa40c970f'

and '7d07679a1566b520e0040e7025beae17e6b385fb'
10 years 10 months * NEWS: spelling fix
10 years 10 months * (note_commit): print out the new rev_id as hex string again

* NEWS: note the bugfix
10 years 11 months * lua_hooks.{hh,cc}: new get_default_command_options hook which lets you specifydefault options for a given command just before it is executed

* wire in the hook just after the command's command line options have been set and parsed
* monotone.texi: noted the new hook
* std_hooks.lua: default implementation of the hook which does nothing
* tests/default_command_options/*: some basic tests
* NEWS: noted here as well
10 years 11 months * NEWS: fixed a spelling error

* po/de.po: brought German translation up-to-date
10 years 11 months 5 fuzzies and 2 new strings (re)translated
Commit 65f5c29008c919e188e943342022f88568c57f9c, by Richard Levitte
10 years 11 months (netsync): If the client tries to use an unknown key, try to fall back to

anonymous pull instead of failing immediately.
tests/netsync_hook_errcodes tests/netsync_permissions: When testing with
an unknown key, expect results to now be consistent will no key.
Commit 5cb2926707f37fa787d0ab9568011fed505dfca3, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 11 months Fix changelog syntax
Commit fef5144d2e8eebe88eb1b81a93e1f65a6b7bdf6a, by
10 years 11 months * always exit unsuccessfully, to prevent masking an

unsuccessful test run.
* test: eliminate fragile dependency on
details of error messages / order of output.
* debian/changelog: yet another 0.40-n release. This time for sure!
Commit 0125b06a9ba582883342da4c77e9be433d931802, by
11 years 11 days merge of '8e853da7dbe3f125f0bb8b1248c7f481c61b77c2'

and 'b9d41091a369da1b2c3cb643fc8ad12b1ffdfb38'
11 years 11 days mtn_ws_opts needs --no-default-confdir to keep hooks from looking in ~/.monotone
Commit b9d41091a369da1b2c3cb643fc8ad12b1ffdfb38, by Timothy Brownawell
11 years 15 days add my 'mtn init' command which allows one to resemble 'git init' and similar commands which place the current directory under version control with the use of a database which is stored locally, too
Commit 1cd5ea74ea44594edcee0266979d06c5e5ab21b7, by Ralf S. Engelschall
11 years 15 days use @file for .mtn-ignore
Commit d8ef2aca2f0d49813dc471c02d4d0185bc718809, by Ralf S. Engelschall
11 years 20 days Scale down a selected image a bit, to improve overall look of the paragraph.
Commit b507bcb37455aa678f8ca6547248d9f3323f24a9, by Thomas Moschny
11 years 20 days Set @finalout, to prevent marking of overfull \hboxes.
Commit a7f4d158d6e99a5697cb8bc1241606ee57ebbafa, by Thomas Moschny



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