monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
10 years 6 months * NEWS: insert a release date

* UPGRADE: bump version to 0.42
* bump version
* monotone.spec: bump version
* visualc/config.h: bump version, whitespace changes
* win32/monotone.iss: bump version, remove compiled message files which are no longer distributed
10 years 6 months It doesn't look too good when "mtn help ls known" says something

about "Syntax specific to 'mtn ls known':" and then nothing...
Commit 45fb5e980e644328873c54cbfcec9556ad7ac205, by Richard Levitte
10 years 6 months Don't forget to build mtnopt as well when making a Debian package
Commit 61ebd3cb68f0eba25e6639ea43be51e4c7407ea2, by Richard Levitte
10 years 6 months 12 fuzzies and 18 new strings (re)translated
Commit dab5bb903bd80ee925d87a0b4f7febe2fffe08ae, by Richard Levitte
10 years 6 months merge of '4d986b8399807b7ff628f453bae048ff30e8e3ce'

and 'b5fe1b04ace147e6ae84ff6fb9ec4d23d54cfe3a'
Commit ae4371bb88e17200cb41c4f0cc69c3f777923836, by Richard Levitte
10 years 6 months Add an (xfailing) test for setting/clearing the execute file attribute.
Commit b5fe1b04ace147e6ae84ff6fb9ec4d23d54cfe3a, by Thomas Moschny
10 years 6 months * note that the interface_version is only changed by the release manager and point to the release checklist
10 years 7 months po/es.po: translated 14 strings, fixed 18 fuzzies.
Commit 2f32bc164813350466f2f0ada8562d4adfbf4f06, by
10 years 7 months merge of '607a8e3b4a9eccb6596d978e1f27cdc1f8a804c3'

and '7a16ca38654964500963abd56a7b05e7be4dd7c7'
Commit 8c7dfc19d8fc40fc0f6f0ad82b52a2db2270bf01, by
10 years 7 months Small French translation update (67%).
Commit 7a16ca38654964500963abd56a7b05e7be4dd7c7, by
10 years 7 months * po/it.po: updated & translated a bit (60 to go).
10 years 7 months * notes/release-checklist.txt: add a section which explains the handling of automation changes and interface numbering
10 years 7 months * NEWS: went through the backlog and added anything noteworthy to NEWS since 0.41
10 years 7 months * monotone.texi: if an automate command changed, each change is now properly formatted as list item
10 years 7 months fixed a couple of occurrences with old links
10 years 7 months * po/de.po: translated automate lua stuff and new strings from
10 years 7 months * changed a couple of more places where %d should have been used instead of %s
10 years 7 months * po/LINGUAS: remove outdated translations ja, fr and pt_BR from the distribution
10 years 7 months * po/ add missing file
10 years 7 months * remove additional punctation inside the describing paragraphs of the new conflicts group / commands
10 years 7 months cleanup some interface version numbering mess
10 years 7 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone.experiment.automate-lua' (head c06fc4df14e513b4ba64475bf01faa784dc04e57)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head e146c4014103859ef666c5a14a65ad4af6dfa5fa)
10 years 7 months * monotone.texi: automate show_conflicts was not added in interface version 7.1, but 8.0 (7.1 never existed); the formatting changes make a bump from 8.x to 9.0 neccessary

* ...which we do here
10 years 7 months * po/de.po: translation roundup
10 years 7 months * use %d instead of %s in the formatter if numbers should be printed

* a message string was meant to be a variable name



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