monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
10 years 3 months * package string adapted
10 years 3 months NEWS: insert a release date
10 years 3 months entered the new release number in a couple of files; tabs to spaces in
10 years 3 months * remove monotone.spec from the dist tarball unless we're sure that

a) we have one which works with our new stripped setup
b) we've actually proven that a distro-unspecific spec file we
have to care about ourselves is actually useful
10 years 3 months * po/de.po: German translation up-to-date
10 years 3 months set the new version number
10 years 3 months we no longer bundle several third party libraries, so we remove a particular section about this; whitespace changes
10 years 3 months Note the error handling overhaul in NEWS.
Commit 2f495222753d2649c3ae08718bd4f70328a0598e, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 3 months * NEWS: a couple of minor missing changes and bugfixes in 0.43 added; this file should be more or less complete by now
10 years 3 months New option "--hidden" to mtn help to list hidden commands in the help output as well
10 years 3 months * fix a gcc warning
10 years 3 months * INSTALL: updated a bit the cygwin build instructions, still needs some love.
10 years 4 months 'automate genkey' wasn't documented in monotone.texi.
Commit bcbbd3a7d2254820320d6aa2672f9eac8406a25f, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 4 months Tweak and expose how the trust hook is passed to erase_bogus_certs_internal.
Commit 777d3979be52c05f686edf57ad160611e9efae78, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 4 months merge of '480e86117612575907fb0302a57ac6cffcc88ed6'

and '65235b660e96b3c5f41cca142ab93f97c7178796'
10 years 4 months merge of '5475d4cba773600738c6c404b8fda7b0aa05f907'

and 'cf554a6d9cbed5b6b61d92ca704f063d063db59d'
Commit 65235b660e96b3c5f41cca142ab93f97c7178796, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 4 months * INSTALL: remove section on Solaris 10 which could not yet be verified; remove FIXME note in the Fedora section since this applied to F9 which will be legacy in about three months of time anyays
10 years 4 months no error for 'commit --message-file=_MTN/log'. Add N_ on some static strings.

* clean up trailing whitespace.
(commit): no error for --message-file=_MTN/log

* NEWS: mention change in 'commit --message-file'

* add N_ on static string.

* monotone.texi (Workspace commit): doc no error for

* tests/commit_with_--message-file/__driver__.lua: test no error for
Commit 184cc3078b0970758c44f63a2f4e8378474b3ab5, by
10 years 4 months avoid slow cert loading in describe_revsion

* (describe_revision): load all certs for the specified revision
which is much faster than loading them by name; collect author names and dates
separately and concatenate them onto the description after iterating over all
10 years 4 months * INSTALL: properly captialize all OS names
10 years 4 months merge of '1125b0c7388815ff0252e5d360ffbcaa3aab47f4'

and 'bbc612f48fa121e2cb062c273fce8bbaaf23cd14'
10 years 4 months * NEWS: put New features before Bugfixes, reordered items according to importance, indention, spelling and formatting fixes.
10 years 4 months * m4/library.m4: lower our pcre req to 7.4

* INSTALL: note here
10 years 4 months merge of '3fd27d17d158d802bae354650b29c4857d300b7d'

and 'b1475e5482f7e20f5b4e6eb9b737e5e124ef77cc'
Commit c3b70b47741c60cae1c9eddb2cba0d2ccfbfe7c4, by
10 years 4 months * po/de.po: git_export related strings translated



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