monotone Mtn Change Log

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10 years 14 days * NEWS: enter a release date
10 years 14 days A couple more new strings and fuzzies
Commit 9db3d392d234e10f0d12b792b1e8c2c3640c5c3d, by Richard Levitte
10 years 14 days merge of 'b549070f1e2d6c550b118672048fe1aa8ad1d2a4'

and 'e1324a4f515691b89da79ac2d251b7f6d97c91be'
Commit dab9738fd4dcd3dd63ff47d48c329121fb51ff22, by Richard Levitte
10 years 14 days * NEWS: add note about correction of noisy revert; clarify description of

execute permissions being lost during updates; remove leading tabs
10 years 14 days merge of '9585003f5b0f61252b37af0e919d61aafefcccd1'

and 'e66fd70699161ca686282023656ffea37df9a327'
Commit ba4bb293e9630c176dad776c1fabfca53c1992be, by
10 years 14 days NEWS: wording improvements
Commit e66fd70699161ca686282023656ffea37df9a327, by
10 years 14 days * NEWS: finalized things for 0.44
10 years 16 days * push interface version to 10.0

* / ... here as well for two of the changed commands
* monotone.texi: and here as well
10 years 17 days replace tests/spawn_redirected_hook_helper with tester-tests/running_commands
Commit 82f8de0b76fe48f55a5bb39b7aca931a6cc9cf19, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 17 days merge of '349cba3a5a942dd832dc376249a05f0994bb8387'

and '6ae0f55bd126d9eca9e740b20d40d8e3d1090d85'
10 years 17 days * (decode_selector): unknown selectors now error out of the

selection process.
* NEWS: Added bug entry for the above.
10 years 18 days merge of '8cc12c764e623f97f6ed7879deb0073460aa217d'

and 'c7b1f8774900b7533f412c679793003bed133098'
10 years 18 days add test and NEWS bugfix entry for not dying when a luaext throws
Commit c7b1f8774900b7533f412c679793003bed133098, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 19 days If a LUAEXT throws, catch it an return an error to Lua. Using the installed

system Lua library means that it will probably choke on C++ exceptions.
Commit 1f28e7fd203af9ae785353b555f5bf83aa93b02c, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 21 days Getting the executable basename didn't account for

string("mtn").size()-4 == string::npos
, so the logic to trim any trailing ".exe" could do bad things.
Commit ea4d30c70b38ca16d9ce861394847b0b9665e837, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 22 days Implement the 'w:' selector type for selecting the base revision

of a workspace. Add a test, and mininal docs.

In, options and Lua hooks are now passed to the
complete_one_selector and complete_selector methods. Ordering of
these parameters has been adjusted for other methods in that file.
Commit af53f9edc10f072734e526a5f28848d9396b1c2a, by Thomas Moschny
10 years 22 days The parent of a root revision is named ''. Fixed wrong test.

This had been covered by a bug in testlib.lua.
Commit 9e2b92b54d39e34a7aed8c103fabc2b84ab63963, by Thomas Moschny
10 years 22 days Fix wrong logic: in lua, 'not' has higher priority than

the '==' operator. Thus we need parentheses here.
Commit cbad3c291b6bfeab8b03a9851f41208ddfb2baf5, by Thomas Moschny
10 years 28 days merge of '201865bdf90c29bd7320f4b177aedf69e18a0b6c'

and '5a85d8e334f7b950a59419beb018e6d8ec7f06e1'
Commit 6c12b62baa30a1abbe32e8d0463337b8a03eb8af, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 28 days Only (and for _MTN/options) look at options::signing_key.

Other places standardize on key_store::signing_key and a new

If you only have one private key, pull will default to that key instead
of to anonymous. Moderately recent servers will fall back to anonymous if
they don't recognize your key, and for older servers you can still force
an anonymous connectio with --key=''.
Commit 5a85d8e334f7b950a59419beb018e6d8ec7f06e1, by Timothy Brownawell
10 years 1 month Cleanup left-over line.
Commit 3836166c60e4ab6cbdceb302f0958b09a7f51992, by Thomas Moschny
10 years 1 month * use a vector char buffer to fix a compilation problem with VC++ (thanks to Jack Lloyd)
10 years 2 months * (charset_convert): Make 'best_effort' do something useful

again: if conversion fails and best_effort is true, try again with
//TRANSLIT tacked on the end of the target charset name, and failing
that, use the unconverted string. This will DTRT with glibc but probably
not elsewhere.
Commit 63361f1c30b0d8e84bbe32b758414e36fdb786e6, by
10 years 2 months Avoid using test(1)'s == operator because it is not portable. Use = instead.
Commit 7ca8bcec608aa42e82c12a9fa91f7a61b64a3fc3, by
10 years 2 months fix typos and grammar in std_hooks.lua
Commit 949dccef23cf727c3e12eec52b33b58fd4014ddc, by



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