monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
9 years 4 months * enter a release date
9 years 4 months * bump version to 0.47
9 years 4 months [i] add missing news
9 years 4 months * project.hh/cc: localize the date output of describe_revision

*,,,,,, selectors.hh/cc: ...use that here
* options_list.hh: make --date-format and --no-format-dates global
options; remove the specific options from CMD(log)
* NEWS: note the changes
9 years 4 months * one new string translated
9 years 4 months merge of '758da9215e79f1580611a92853def8e5430e00a5'

and 'ebb1bb44c3dedcc6fc2984412628f5807d511c0a'
9 years 4 months Somehow I added myself to AUTHORS twice. Hrm.
Commit ebb1bb44c3dedcc6fc2984412628f5807d511c0a, by
9 years 4 months win32/ (run_tests_in_children): work around race condition

* INSTALL: update name of gettext library

* win32/ (run_tests_in_children): work around race condition; testsuite now runs to completion.
Commit 838009162c0fd6b6248d6a83f75771933e4a8b15, by
9 years 4 months merge of '6fd0081d4cf31468fdb83727e523594e9adeb187'

and '845376828818bd8c8c85b19bb9e4ef5c6dc44373'
9 years 8 months Adding myself to AUTHORS on the basis of and my various minor

patches to,,, and
Commit 845376828818bd8c8c85b19bb9e4ef5c6dc44373, by
9 years 8 months merge of '187802c6d4091a04567368b91314e4a25692f806'

and '93a4321977faf03ce663b5f91d60252f068f95ff'
9 years 8 months * 'db info --full' should not try to output timestamp

differences in a database where no such differences exist because there
is only one revision in the database
* NEWS: noted accordingly
9 years 9 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 328eea3a3200e8eb4218259e2d70a0b850f322ab)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone.tbrownaw.serve_automate.single_port' (head abfb1bd8ecdc5a21b6f04b88061f7435d501b104)
Commit 9f02bf9b5283841b8aa7e527dfc28057b99f4dee, by Timothy Brownawell



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