monotone Mtn Change Log

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8 years 8 months Now that that the attr_init_functions are overridden in test_hooks.lua

(see issue 97), we must no longer use them in order to complete this
test successfully on unixoid operating systems.
8 years 8 months set a release date
8 years 8 months set release number to 0.99
8 years 8 months don't lie about the repo size (its far bigger than 70MB now); use the proper clone syntax and server
8 years 8 months merge of '327aa4459779a55e66190d7e45dd0c2e2c58ea04'

and 'deb0b15f9ea16eef3691e859049eff22e8b22858'
Commit 7e481a9f8f069619a4e8ab353c0d31f098fb49a6, by
8 years 8 months skip tests that don't work on Cygwin

* tests/revert_attrs/__driver__.lua:
* tests/pluck_mtn_execute/__driver__.lua:
* tests/merge_into_workspace_mtn_execute/__driver__.lua:
* tests/clobbered_attrs/__driver__.lua:
* tests/attr_set_drop/__driver__.lua:
* tests/attr_mtn_execute/__driver__.lua: skip on cygwin; 'test -x' broken

* tests/ssh_agent/__driver__.lua:
* tests/pid_file_and_log_handles_open_failures/__driver__.lua:
* tests/commit_writes_message_back_to__MTN_log/__driver__.lua: skip on
cygwin; doesn't do write permissions properly

* tests/clone_warning_with_multiple_heads/__driver__.lua: skip on cygwin;
some other problem
Commit deb0b15f9ea16eef3691e859049eff22e8b22858, by
8 years 8 months 3 more fuzzies fixed
Commit 91cf12a66960d0beb125b04cc6a36c79b2fb88b0, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months Remove a bit of shift (semicolons should really be commas)
Commit 3570b236f82575038a1cc2ef7bda84928c6cccb1, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months merge of '6e5dc8a7971c3519c1c09bf207d29f61faf3b874'

and 'a16855965891044dc1f5cee02e3ab9e676e1fb67'
Commit d793e8d6542c4c2115ac4dcee8bbb55ebe7d876f, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months ->
8 years 8 months the upload path has changed
8 years 8 months * INSTALL: doc that 'distcheck' fails on MinGW due to missing tools
Commit 14af615ad762535b4f5a47b248c800695822a26c, by
8 years 8 months merge of '00d480b93189317980e1ce63bcec1e69a4e66f5e'

and 'aaec780392911b84132ff7835198ab6acbd934b7'
Commit 516da5f5dcb085199ff30bbc82cc3b99aa6a67f7, by
8 years 8 months Fixed remaining fuzzy strings in the German translation
8 years 8 months potfiles updated
8 years 8 months Re-order some things based on importance; split / reword other sections
8 years 8 months Add the correct new interface version number for

all new / changed automate commands.
8 years 8 months * NEWS: note the recent URI changes
8 years 8 months merge of 'e5da05d78b60a71c4baaa2d569bc1430a593fb9a'

and 'e60054ccb8fe2f398a41c6da9efe147048bcfb05'
8 years 8 months A couple more tests, just to make sure we get some special cases right
Commit e60054ccb8fe2f398a41c6da9efe147048bcfb05, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months merge of '38ca11595cfad72fe4d231428c6532a8b0553a5d'

and 'c84aa3062d0f7a270e0b2d89cf50273a80917895'
Commit 2a078e7d513cec9fb82afcc3a1947be10a209dad, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months Complete rewrite of the URI parser; now use pcre to parse the common

special parts; the parser is now more or less RFC 3986-conformant,
with a few exceptions noted in the source (for example, we do not
want to recognize URIs like "" as path, but as authority).

A couple of bugs have been fixed on the way:

* scheme and host now automatically lowercased and paths and fragments
url-decoded (NOT in the query, this must be done after it has been
broken up into key-value pairs)
* The url decoder now also understands to decode the old-style '+'
character as space.
* The resource does no longer blindly attach "//" (the authority marker)
after the scheme if there is no authority at all, but only a path.

The unit tests have been extended largely for all the nasty cornercases
and many possible variations.
8 years 8 months * pcrewrap.hh/cc: add another match method which returns matched

captures of a regex
* unit-tests/ new, add some basic match and capture
* add unit-tests/ to test files, move to UNIT_TESTEES (which does not make a difference
in the resulting Makefile, but is cleaner)
8 years 8 months merge of '383c667ad62f40dc08dbd2bc6e3611fc3fb7bb8b'

and '574d1d53558f4b9a7eac0019e232537bbff0e38c'
Commit c477b971fc9421d7eaee2a2eca733d70e03ea8b5, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months add a note about not breaking releases.xml.php



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