monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
5 years 2 months Silently correct the lapse in the timestamp for NEWS.
5 years 2 months For simplicity, use the same lower boundary for mktime on 32-bit

systems and broken Mac OS X. It's not like anybody really needs these
ca. 20 days in 1901 on a 32-bit system.

* m4/mktime_64bit.m4: always define STD_MKTIME_64BIT_WORKS to either 0
or 1 (rather than having defined vs undefined).
* src/ drop the HAVE_MKTIME_64BIT ifdef and unify lower
boundary for the Mac OS X case and 32-bit systems.
* test/unit/tests/ adjust and simplify.
5 years 2 months * NEWS: stamp for release 1.1.
5 years 2 months * NEWS: mention some of the recent fixes for 1.1.
5 years 2 months Fix test ssh_agent for Mac OS X

* test/func/ssh_agent/__driver__.lua: On Mac OS X, ssh_agent creates a
socket in a nice long path including underscores. Add underscores to
the regexp that filters env variables from ssh_agent's output.
5 years 2 months Skip db_opt_fallback_mechanisms if DNS resolution doesn't work.
5 years 2 months merge of '0420964417d9b101300f32520e74353a060694b0'

and 'cc32add8f93fd905d387fbcc48c665324bef016e'
5 years 2 months Fix date parsing for MacOS X and make unit/dates_roundtrip_localtimes pass.

* m4/mktime_64bit.m4: Add a new function to check for the specific
cripple of mktime that (some versions of?) MacOS X ship.
* Call that new function.
* src/ Refuse dates prior to year 1902 in case we encounter
the cripple.
* test/unit/tests/ Adjust the test to that new lower limit
for that specific case.
5 years 2 months Really fix the problem with automake-1.9 not providing $abs_topbuilddir.

* Use $(PWD)/$(topbuilddir) instead.
5 years 2 months Revert d6151fb0a6f641126c57a0306133ee532b998944, it didn't help.
5 years 2 months Correct extra/bash_completion for paths containing dashes.

* test/extra/bash_completion/library.exp: add a few more characters that
are legal in filenames, but pose problems for bash.
5 years 2 months Correct the bash_completion test to properly check even if it's run

from a path containing spaces. Mark as failing in that situation,

In test/extra/bash_completion/:
* __driver__.lua: pass only mtn_cmd, not the complete monotonoe
command line usually used for tests. Expect the "complete_propagate"
sub-test to fail when building from a path including spaces.
* library.exp: add an escape function, use where appropriate. When
spawning bash, instead of escaping the path to bashrc, we let the
driver get it and simply use the current directory.
* {complete_commit.exp, complete_mtn_-.exp, complete_propagate.exp}:
use the escape function where appropriate and adapt to renamed
5 years 2 months Quote test runner paths for weird people that have spaces in them, like me.
5 years 2 months po/de.po: one missing string translated
5 years 2 months * INSTALL_windows_mingw.txt: update hint on static linking against libgcc

and libstdc++, move env variable assignment after ./configure.
5 years 2 months Update Windows build documentation, rename for consistency.

* INSTALL_windows_cygwin.txt: minor version adjustments.
* INSTALL_windows_mingw.txt: multiple version adjustments, mention
MinGW-w64 and update some hints and comments according to my recent
build experience.
* INSTALL_windows_msvc.txt: add an out-of-date warning
* INSTALL: update pointers to Windows build documentation.
* src/win32/README.txt: adjust pointers, simplify.
* follow the renaming of the above files.
5 years 2 months Fix empty_environment on Cygwin, again.

* test/func/empty_environment/__driver__.lua: Use the appropriate escape
character for lua string matching.
5 years 2 months Fix netsync_largish_file on Cygwin.

* src/network/ Add a retry loop to write_some(), actually
honoring the netsync timeout, rather than bailing out immediately.
5 years 2 months * test/func/empty_environment/__driver__.lua: Correctly escape backslash.
5 years 2 months Really fix the empty_environment test on Cygwin.

* test/func/empty_environment/__driver__.lua: check dependencies of the
monotone binary with ldd, then copy the required cygwin specific ones.
Without hard-coding a specific version of the dependent library.
5 years 2 months * test/extra/buildbot: disable this test by moving it to the Attic.

It fails with newer buildbot versions - which shouldn't block a
release or make monotone tests fails.
5 years 2 months Eliminate some randomness in testing.

* extra/mtn-hooks/monotone-mail-notify.lua: Emit revision certs in a
pre-defined order, rather than (seemingly) random.
5 years 3 months Update installation instructions for Cygwin a bit.
5 years 3 months Silence strict-aliasing warnings.

* src/{,}: Use a local variable to store a command
5 years 3 months Cygwin improved, allowing more tests to pass - mostly revert deb0b15f.

* test/func/{attr_mtn_execute, attr_set_drop, clobbered_attrs,
merge_into_workspace_mtn_execute, pluck_mtn_execute}/__driver__.lua: as
of today, `test -x` seems to work just fine on cygwin. Re-enable these
tests on that platform.
* test/func/{commit_writes_message_back_to__MTN_log,
pid_file_and_log_handles_open_failures, ssh_agent}/__driver__.log: Cygwin
also writes permissions properly, it seems. No need to skip these tests,
* test/func/clone_warning_with_multiple_heads/__driver__.lua: Not sure why
this got disabled on Cygwin, it's an unexpected success, now.



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