monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
14 years 3 months Miscellaneous cleanup of GUI actions
Commit 8a121346ce2920b6f85df68b3b620de96bd14a8d, by
14 years 3 months Some cleanup, build proper tree for branches
Commit 4a8fcc7359009e45bd576c86a444cf205f0ede0f, by
14 years 3 months Fixed a minor bug with directory recursion, added debug flag to makefile
Commit 99a778898918522b95de32102111d68731968aff, by
14 years 3 months Added handling for renamed directories section
Commit 4f79c46ddc6251407d1fd3032cee4070f38e9350, by
14 years 3 months Moved all code to the contrib directory ready to push to monotone repository
Commit ee2475cccae19adef3799ef67f7cacc273084d89, by
14 years 3 months Minor logging improvements
Commit 9b57dcd9c50e85e156dbb7067dff6a9c4f0a5a05, by
14 years 3 months Changed from System.err to java logging, added file name filter
Commit 4de5c6e7524a8ebfaef0fd87ec337da9b5bc14c7, by
14 years 3 months More readme improvements, added todo.txt
Commit 94a61b003af348ff8ddd6608939135055f257fcb, by
14 years 3 months Doh! Transposed gxl and batik in readme.txt
Commit ea8f7e4800dbe9c21f9cec5a22a6c31c676b4d71, by
14 years 3 months Minor tweaks to makefile and readme
Commit aa49715e8e9cbf013731f737d2849c2569853d24, by
14 years 3 months Added readme.txt and gxl2dot.xsl, minor fix to Log2Gxl
Commit 9617a78cfd8cc86e57d0c1c19b44860f9e2e92ba, by
14 years 3 months Fixed a nasty lockup in the pipeline, now uses default database if started in a checkout tree
Commit 97a730ee0a6334580f82da2d000ccb8cdc21314e, by
14 years 3 months Minor documentation updates, fixed a blocking read by inserting a buffered output stream
Commit f21aaa9697024840de92dd7200e926630781fc66, by
14 years 3 months Imported dependency libraries
Commit 2c54432db4062911ff7909877cdb4222a530e60f, by
14 years 3 months Initial checkin
Commit 91e35d017b426fa4e323c7087bcf9ee9cebc2614, by



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