monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
14 years 1 month Changed makefile to autodetect classpath separator
Commit f1afc520474f83c58262896ede027ef77226046e, by
14 years 1 month Changed overload of exec() to be more linux friendly
Commit 6b5a12624a5a82265a6d0f82c1e74f47c589ca66, by
14 years 1 month Fixed some issues with header ordering, added DTD to jar for operation behind a firewall
Commit 35cff8e8ba14155f5f7ddf7965073f514fd60f61, by
14 years 3 months Cleanup of information display on node click
Commit 5d288b39b49613b0d9dca8ece6b9a42c3773f35b, by
14 years 3 months Now defaults the file chooser to the directory containing the current database
Commit 32777a1fe21dc5f93d0900f7c5bc3f175d495c5d, by
14 years 3 months Revamped the GXL -> dot conversion and cracked the interactivity
Commit 9f5e3907af6712f26f3b3a42fdd82742a78664a4, by
14 years 3 months Miscellaneous cleanup of GUI actions
Commit 8a121346ce2920b6f85df68b3b620de96bd14a8d, by



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