monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
11 years 1 month - Can now launch an external differences viewer.

- Preferences, where needed, are now validated on saving.
- File::Temp::tempdir dir is a bit buggy and doesn't like to be called as
File::Temp->tempdir(), so I have included the symbol and now call it as
- Corrected a bug inside the built-in differences viewer where it added too many
spaces onto the ends of file names (didn't matter until now as these were just
listed in the file selection ComboBox, but they are now used as the actual
file names when viewing differences externally).
11 years 1 month - Implemented the option to display diffs in plain text, as well as the

associated revision logs.
- Added the save diffs button.
- The revision history window now stops on multiples of 100 as againts just one
- Implemented the ability to upgrade the user preference record.
- Added the motion-notify event to the list that should be suppressed when the
application is busy.
11 years 1 month - Items are formatted properly regardless of their name in a revision report.

- Moved generate_revision_report into, it seems more logical.
- All icon buttons are now flush.
11 years 1 month Implemented the reset to defaults button on the preferences dialog.
11 years 1 month Got text searching working properly in both directions.
11 years 1 month - Implemented a faster event filter.

- Added some events to the `what to filter out' list.
- Implemented the hide_find_text routine and now use it to hide fid text windows
when the related browser window is dismissed.
11 years 1 month Implemented the ability to add new custom MIME types.
11 years 1 month Now correctly determine mime types for files and honour what is found.
11 years 1 month - Got the busy window handling working properly at long last.

- New now auto loads the current view.
- Have an extra option for creating blank browser windows.
- Many bugs fixed.
11 years 1 month First stab at full locale support.
11 years 1 month All user preferences are now honoured by the application.
11 years 2 months - Forgot to add of all things!

- Also added implementation for the browse database button.
11 years 2 months - First working version of the preferences dialog window.

- Loads of little bug fixes.
11 years 2 months Oops, forgot to change the version numbers.
11 years 2 months - Now get Gnome to decide what viewer to run for a given file.

- Done some code consistency cleanups.
11 years 2 months Sorted out most of the menus.
11 years 2 months - Added the file and changed existing code to make use of it.

- The branch comboboxentry now gets the focus when a browser window is enabled.
- The mono-spaced font is set up in one place now.
- Rationalised the window update state logic a bit, got rid of unused states
11 years 2 months - Got the remaining file buttons working along with loading and closing

- Will now load in the revision that is the base revision in a work space.
- Added Monotone-Viz launch button.
- Is no movable in the file system (i.e. all but one hardwired path has been
- Now let Glade deal with window icons.
- Quite a few little bugs fixed on the way.
11 years 3 months - Implemented the ability to launch new browser windows from the revision and

file history windows.
- Changed the creation of the main browser window over to support multiple
cached instances (like the other windows) and to allow for the preselection of
branch, revision id, directory and file information.
- Corrected an interesting bug where not moving the text cursor back to the
beginning of the the main TextView window when loading a file, despite not
displaying it in the first place, caused loads of Pango library errors when
displaying DOS text files. Also seems to have got rid of that grey blob that
used to appear sometimes when I didn't bother to terminate the text contents
with a newline character when displaying an `unsupported mime type' message.
11 years 3 months - Added the find text functionality in the main browser window.

- Window types are now stored in variables as against string literals.
- Trailing new lines are removed from displayed files.
11 years 4 months Implemented the file annotate feature.
11 years 4 months Cleaned up a header.
11 years 4 months Split out program into separate modules, it was getting too big.
11 years 4 months - Got revision history and comparison functionality working.

- The revision change log windows accessible from the comparison window are now
colour coded to match the colour diff and colour revision buttons.
11 years 4 months - Implemented and tested the generic revision comparison window code and

associated support routines.
- Fixed loads of little buggets, not least of which was the busy cursor handling
(now works on all windows that need it).



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