monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
10 years 5 months Oops forgot to update the README file with the new version number.
10 years 5 months Updated for the 0.61 release of mtn-browse.
10 years 5 months - Added a Makefile.PL style install capability.

- Split out the dependency checker into a separate module.
- Updated INSTALL and README with the up to date details of installation.
- Moved the support modules for linux-installer into their own subdirectory.
10 years 5 months - Beefed up linux-install. It now:

- Can take all its information from the command line.
- Supports the concept of DESTDIR.
- Checks that Perl dependencies have been met.
- Has built in help.
- Switched all Perl scripts over to demanding Perl 5.8.5.
- README file has been updated as a result of the changes in linux-install.
10 years 5 months - Added a user preference option for controlling whether line numbers are

displayed by default when showing a file's contents.
- Added a user preference option for controlling whether branch and revision
comboboxentries update their lists when the user is typing in values (a
performance tuning option).
- A scroll margin is now used when finding text. This makes it easier to see the
context of a found string when it is at the top or bottom of the window.
- Directory separators are no longer assumed to be '/'.
- The get_revision_ids routine now correctly uses the current branch to refine
the query (can now cope with multiple tags on different branches).
- Renamed the find_button widget to find_text_button to make it more specific.
10 years 5 months - Annotate window now offers a lot more options via its menu for accessing file

and revision change logs and comparing between the current file or revision
its parent version.
- Put some string constants under locale control, they were missed off before by
- Made sure that all calls to dialogs' run method are granted mouse input by the
WindowManager object.
- The mtn warning handler can be suppressed by the use of a global variable
(which can be set using local).
- Now guard against no external comparison helper application being setup.
- Refactored some code in to better help support the new annotate
window options.
10 years 5 months Bugs fixed:

- Annotate no longer fails on an empty file.
- Annotate and comparisons are no longer affected by where the application is
run inside a workspace.
- mtn-browse now always explicitly opens a database rather than relying on the
mtn subprocess sorting itself out inside a workspace. This means that the mtn
subprocess is always run in the root directory which is much safer WRT
unexpected interactions with a workspace.
- Database locked dialog windows are no longer parented as these dialogs are in
fact related to Monotone::AutomateStdio object instances and not browser
window instances (which share Monotone::AutomateStdio object instances).
10 years 5 months Small cleanup.
10 years 5 months Now a little bit better at reporting helper application launch errors to the

10 years 5 months - Vertical panes now maintain the size of the left hand window.

- Implemented the option of selecting a search column in a treeview widget.
- Searching in a treeview now used REs.
10 years 5 months More changes ready for Sorge Forge.
10 years 5 months - Prepared files for the first package (at version 0.60).

- Improved and corrected a permissions bug in linux-install.
10 years 6 months Now use constants for the app name and version number. Also corrected a file

10 years 6 months - The help system now works, at long last. Have yet to write the help files

- Dealt with the blank screens on startup problem.
10 years 6 months Removed the use of the install program and now do it internally. Helps with the

Mac port that Thomas Keller is doing.
10 years 6 months - Added a readme file for the translations directory.

- Updated the Linux installer to deal with translation (.po) files.
10 years 6 months - Added the license file.

- Added the translation stuff including a script to generate the POT file.
- Changed the code so that data files are handled in binary mode.
- Calls to the Glade library are given the text domain for translations.
10 years 6 months - Corrected a bug to do with doing external comparisons of renamed files in

- Now that the latest version of Monotone::AutomateStdio handles starting the
mtn subprocess in the right directory, I have removed all that hacky stuff to
do with changing directory on startup.
- Added an ignore file.
10 years 7 months Added the in-place development installer script.
10 years 7 months - Written Linux installer.

- Now deal with file renames in a more sensible way when dealing with file
10 years 7 months Modified mtn-browse to work with the new directory structure.
10 years 7 months Restructured the directory hierarchy.
10 years 8 months Some very minor updates. Just checking in to bring up to date.
10 years 10 months - Written a cache_extra_file_info routine to take centralise all of the file

info caching code into one place.
- Rei-instated the `file only' style of regex expression generation
file_glob_to_regexp (yes I know this is reversing a change I made earlier
- I have now changed the search_files_button_clicked_cb routine to just match
against the file name rather than the whole path. It also now displays any
matching files relative to the starting point in the directory hierarchy
rather than the whole path.
10 years 10 months Switched over to using the severity constants as against using strings.



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