monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
10 years 2 months Hopefully the final check in for the 0.62 release of mtn-browse.
10 years 2 months - Updated the help manual with details about the new help options and modes, the

new selectors introduced in Monotone version 0.43 and the new preference
- Removed a redundant routine prototype in (actually caused a
warning message).
10 years 2 months - Implemented a caching class derived from Monotone::AutomateStdio for caching

branch list information.
- Switched the rest of the application over to this new class.
- Did some small code tidy ups.
10 years 2 months - Added the new relevant selectors introduced in Monotone 0.43.

- Now weed out unsupported selectors from the GUI depending upon the version of
Monotone being used.
10 years 3 months - Added a user preference option for determining how a list search is done

(either plain text or as a re).
- Added user preference options for controlling the look of the toolbar.
- Code consistency tidy ups.
10 years 3 months Gtk2::FileChooserDialog dialog windows now have their current directory location

saved between invocations.
10 years 3 months - Now added calls to the present() method after each call to show()/show_all()

for each window (fixes the focus issue with windows not shown by default on
desktops that use click to focus).
- Reinstated the Gnome save window settings setting.
10 years 3 months - Cleaned up and restructured a bit to make it more modular,

increase code reuse and make it easier to understand.
- Added the help on window feature.
- Corrected a bug with the Advanced Find dialo window's handling of the Find
Text dialog window (it didn't reset the search context when loaded with new
data nor disabled it when there was no data to search).
10 years 3 months - Enabled the use of the Find Text dialog window within the Advanced Find dialog

- Both the Advanced Find and Preferences dialog windows are now no longer modal
as this is taken care of by the WindowManager class.
- Some small code tidy ups.
10 years 3 months Now no longer rely on modal dialog windows, deal with it ourselves (also

supporting context sensitive help). This will allow the Advanced Find dialog
window to use the Find Text dialog window.
10 years 3 months Corrected a few stack handling issues in the WindowManager class.
10 years 3 months Now switched over to using the update method on spinbuttons rather than fiddle

about with the focus in order to make sure that their internal state is
10 years 3 months - Fixed the bug where the Advanced Find dialog window did not respond to

Shift-<F1>. Basically it seems that the window must not be realised before the
accelerator keys have been set up (i.e. ...->show_all() and
WindowManager->update_gui() can only be called after
- Put in a workaround for a bug with Gtk2::SpinButton widgets where they have to
loose the focus before they realise that the user has changed the value via
its entry field. mtn-browse uses two of these widgets, the one on the
Preferences dialog window is ok as the OK button grabs the focus when it is
clicked. However the Find Files window has no such focus grabbing button
(because icon buttons look better when they don't grab the focus on click) and
so a fix had to be put in where the focus is temporarily moved away from the
widget so as to trigger the update.
10 years 3 months - Implemented the context sensitive help feature.

- Set up all of the windows for help and context sensitive help.
- Renamed a few things in the code, Glade file and the help file so as to be
more consistent.
10 years 3 months - Renamed the `Separator' selector to `Logical And', it makes more sense.

- Fixed a bug whereby the external file comparison button remained enabled when
a lone binary file was selected for comparison.
- When a single file is selected for comparison, the results window is now
scrolled to that file.
10 years 3 months Switched over to using the supports method instead of the can method.
10 years 3 months Oops got missed of last checkin.
10 years 3 months - Makefile.PL now allows one to specify all of linux-installer's useful options.

- The dependency checker now returns the error message rather than displaying
- linux-installer now does not require the LIB_DIR setting to have a leading /.
- Corrected the built in help that comes with linux-installer.
- Corrected some symbolic linking in devl-install relating to help files.
- Updated the README file in light of additional Makefile.PL command line
options and the additional help files that are now installed.
10 years 3 months - Added the help files.

- Added Thomas Keller's German locale file for mtn-browse.
- Corrected spelling of cronologically to chronologically.
- References to MIME are now correctly in upper case.
- The Linux installer now copes with help files.
- mtn-browse now correctly gets the name of the database from a workspace
regardless of the user's `auto_select' setting.
10 years 4 months Now display a file's author instead of file id in the main browser window.
10 years 4 months Added the home page help menu option.
10 years 5 months Oops forgot to update the README file with the new version number.
10 years 5 months Updated for the 0.61 release of mtn-browse.
10 years 5 months - Added a Makefile.PL style install capability.

- Split out the dependency checker into a separate module.
- Updated INSTALL and README with the up to date details of installation.
- Moved the support modules for linux-installer into their own subdirectory.
10 years 5 months - Beefed up linux-install. It now:

- Can take all its information from the command line.
- Supports the concept of DESTDIR.
- Checks that Perl dependencies have been met.
- Has built in help.
- Switched all Perl scripts over to demanding Perl 5.8.5.
- README file has been updated as a result of the changes in linux-install.



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