monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
9 years 1 month - Updated a few text files with the actual release date for 0.70.

- Corrected a typo in the help file.
9 years 1 month * locale/de.po: German translation updated
9 years 1 month Made the changes in preparation for the 0.70 release, just waiting on

translation updates.
9 years 1 month Updated the year on the copyright notice.
9 years 1 month - Updated the help documentation in light of the changes made to mtn-browse (the

manage server bookmarks dialog window, the file encoding menu options and the
compare arbitrary revisions window).
- Updated the code to reference the new help sections.
- Updated mtn-browse's version number.
9 years 1 month - Removed the scrolled windows and layouts from the revision id value labels in

the compare arbitrary revisions window as I couldn't get the text lines to
line up horizontally between the labels and corresponding values due to the
advanced find buttons being in the same row.
- Made sure that all the buttons on the compare arbitrary revisions window don't
accept focus (like all the other flush buttons).
- Made sure that the first value label gets the focus so as to take it away from
the first button.
- Improved and corrected a few tooltips and removed some others that are
dynamically generated by the application.
9 years 1 month Worked around a bug in Gnome::VFS which causes a core dump on Debian Lenny.
9 years 1 month - Updated the figures with snapshots of the new version of mtn-browse.

- Added eye.png to the ignore list.
9 years 1 month - Implemented the select arbitrary revisions feature.

- The advanced find dialog window now puts the keyboard focus onto the branch
comboboxentry field by default (just like the main browser window).
- All menu items that rely on an open database are now disabled when there isn't
9 years 1 month - The server bookmarks menu is only enabled if mtn supports that feature, this

information is also cached in the user's preferences just in case they don't
start mtn-browse with a default database.
- The annotate button is disabled when accessing a remote server.
- Entered in the help reference for the server bookmarks manager window.
- Corrected some more tooltips.
9 years 1 month - The routines that use run_command() now return its status.

- The run_command() routine now supports command termination and errors from
sysread() are dealt with.
- The revision comparison window now allows a user to stop the comparison not
only during the formatting stage but also during the actual mtn diff operation
as well.
- Updated some tooltips to reflect the above changes and to correct a few
misleading comments.
9 years 1 month - Now guard against re-entrancy in custom dialog windows when calling the hide()

- Needless updates to the MIME types treeview are now avoided.
- Now track changes in paths inside the MIME treeview as a result of the user
changing the display order.
9 years 2 months - Now disable Monotone-Viz button with remote connections.

- Put manage menu item the end of the servers menu.
- Now rely on Monotone::AutomateStdio to report all server connection problems.
- Sorted out the focus issue with all TreeViews when searching for text (the
selection would change but nothing else acted on that selection change).
9 years 2 months Added the `connect to service' logic and GUIs.
9 years 4 months - Now deal with errors resulting from trying to open a Monotone database in a

much more intelligent way.
- Improved some of the messages in error dialogs.
- Minor code tidy ups.
9 years 6 months Corrected comment.
9 years 6 months - Added a View menu that allows the user to select the character encoding in use

inside text files stored inside a Monotone database rather than just assume it is UTF-8.
- Now a bit more explicit about the error handing from the encode/decode
- The character decoding is now done specifically by the annotation and history
modules rather than generically by run_command (this is to cope with a mixture
of character encodings in the output from annotate and content_diff - i.e. the UTF-8 explanatory text added by Monotone and the character encoding used in
the original text file).
9 years 6 months * locale/de.po: translation update
9 years 8 months Oops my mistake, eye.png was already added.
9 years 8 months - Changes preparing for the 0.63 release (which is more a beta release than a

proper one).
- Added the eye.png file that was missed off an earlier check in.
9 years 8 months Updated the help documentation in light of the changes made to the GUI, i.e.:

- Changes in some of the icons.
- New preferences to do with binary thresholds and completion tooltips.
9 years 8 months - get_file_details() now makes sure that it goes with the latest revision to

hand, just like other parts of mtn-browse.
- The MAS content_diff() method is used instead of fork-execing off another
instance of Monotone if it supports the --with-headers option. Who ever was
responsible for actioning my ticket - a big thank you :-).
- Now guard against files comparing the same between different revisions.
9 years 9 months - Added the binary threshold preference option and its implementation.

- Re-ordered some preference settings into more logical groups.
9 years 9 months Implemented preference options for controlling the display of completion

tooltips and listing folders before files instead of alphabetically in directory
9 years 9 months - Made some of the button icons more meaningful and improved the look of some of

the rest.
- Autocompletion now does not allow "" as a valid complete entry against an
empty list of possible completions.
- scalar(%hash) is used instead of defined(%hash) to see if a hash is empty (the
defined approach is depreciated apparently).
- The autocompletion logic has been cleaned up some more so as not to make
unnecesary updates to the screen and to correctly detect completions when
deleting text from the end of a term and the static lists setting is turned
- Entries within completion tables now always point to other tables.
- Truncated completions are still marked as complete if the truncated value is
- The status bar is cleared out when opening another database.



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