monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
8 years 11 months updated German translation
8 years 11 months Updated files in preparation of the 0.71 release. Only thing left are the

translation updates.
8 years 11 months - Updated the help documentation to reflect recent changes made to the

- Tarted up the Choose Authentication Key menu by showing a separator bar
between the Unspecified entry and any keys, it now displays `No Keys' if there
are no local keys and `Unspecified' is displayed in the status area instead of
`' when changing to/from Unspecified.
8 years 11 months Updated to take into account the changes in diff output made in Monotone version

8 years 11 months - Added the ability for a user to select an authorisation key when connecting to

remote databases.
- Switched over to using Gtk2::MenuItem->new_with_label() instead of
Gtk2::MenuItem->new() when creating menu entries that may legitimately contain
underscore characters as part of their name.
8 years 11 months - Made display updates scalable depending upon how big the number of items to

update is. Applies to branch, revision and directory ComboBox entry fields.
- Made the text cursor in branch ComboBox entry fields move to the end on
update as it is more useful to display the end of a branch name rather than
the beginning.
- Made the above cursor movement more snappy.
8 years 11 months - Improved the busy and event handling in changes made previously.

- Branch and directory ComboBox entry fields now have their cursor moved to the
- Entry fields are now populated before the pull down lists for the affected
ComboBox entry fields.
8 years 11 months - The directory up button now displays `busy' state feedback when doing stuff.

- The directory up button now honours the static list setting.
- The ComboBoxEntry autocompletion code now displays `busy' state feedback along
with status messages when updating ComboBoxEntry pulldown lists. Also the
display is updated more often and more consistently.
- Updated tooltips accordingly to be consistent with the second item above.
- Corrected a typo in a comment.
9 years 1 month - Updated a few text files with the actual release date for 0.70.

- Corrected a typo in the help file.
9 years 1 month * locale/de.po: German translation updated
9 years 1 month Made the changes in preparation for the 0.70 release, just waiting on

translation updates.
9 years 1 month Updated the year on the copyright notice.
9 years 1 month - Updated the help documentation in light of the changes made to mtn-browse (the

manage server bookmarks dialog window, the file encoding menu options and the
compare arbitrary revisions window).
- Updated the code to reference the new help sections.
- Updated mtn-browse's version number.
9 years 1 month - Removed the scrolled windows and layouts from the revision id value labels in

the compare arbitrary revisions window as I couldn't get the text lines to
line up horizontally between the labels and corresponding values due to the
advanced find buttons being in the same row.
- Made sure that all the buttons on the compare arbitrary revisions window don't
accept focus (like all the other flush buttons).
- Made sure that the first value label gets the focus so as to take it away from
the first button.
- Improved and corrected a few tooltips and removed some others that are
dynamically generated by the application.
9 years 1 month Worked around a bug in Gnome::VFS which causes a core dump on Debian Lenny.
9 years 1 month - Updated the figures with snapshots of the new version of mtn-browse.

- Added eye.png to the ignore list.
9 years 1 month - Implemented the select arbitrary revisions feature.

- The advanced find dialog window now puts the keyboard focus onto the branch
comboboxentry field by default (just like the main browser window).
- All menu items that rely on an open database are now disabled when there isn't
9 years 1 month - The server bookmarks menu is only enabled if mtn supports that feature, this

information is also cached in the user's preferences just in case they don't
start mtn-browse with a default database.
- The annotate button is disabled when accessing a remote server.
- Entered in the help reference for the server bookmarks manager window.
- Corrected some more tooltips.
9 years 1 month - The routines that use run_command() now return its status.

- The run_command() routine now supports command termination and errors from
sysread() are dealt with.
- The revision comparison window now allows a user to stop the comparison not
only during the formatting stage but also during the actual mtn diff operation
as well.
- Updated some tooltips to reflect the above changes and to correct a few
misleading comments.
9 years 1 month - Now guard against re-entrancy in custom dialog windows when calling the hide()

- Needless updates to the MIME types treeview are now avoided.
- Now track changes in paths inside the MIME treeview as a result of the user
changing the display order.
9 years 2 months - Now disable Monotone-Viz button with remote connections.

- Put manage menu item the end of the servers menu.
- Now rely on Monotone::AutomateStdio to report all server connection problems.
- Sorted out the focus issue with all TreeViews when searching for text (the
selection would change but nothing else acted on that selection change).
9 years 2 months Added the `connect to service' logic and GUIs.
9 years 4 months - Now deal with errors resulting from trying to open a Monotone database in a

much more intelligent way.
- Improved some of the messages in error dialogs.
- Minor code tidy ups.
9 years 6 months Corrected comment.
9 years 6 months - Added a View menu that allows the user to select the character encoding in use

inside text files stored inside a Monotone database rather than just assume it is UTF-8.
- Now a bit more explicit about the error handing from the encode/decode
- The character decoding is now done specifically by the annotation and history
modules rather than generically by run_command (this is to cope with a mixture
of character encodings in the output from annotate and content_diff - i.e. the UTF-8 explanatory text added by Monotone and the character encoding used in
the original text file).



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