monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
10 years 11 months Checkin of the toolbar customisation code. This does not seem to work as I

suspect that the settings are not honoured as they are applied too late (but I
don't have a choice in this because I am using libglade). If I want to spend
more effort on this then I suspect that I have to create the toolbar myself
rather than let Glade do it.
10 years 11 months Clarified what is going on in the multiple-heads dialog when auto selected head

10 years 11 months - Implemented the `auto select head revision' feature.

- Corrected an update bug that I introduced a few revisions back.
10 years 11 months Implemented the saving of comboboxentry histories to disk.
10 years 11 months Grab widgets now have the default mouse cursor when the window is busy.
10 years 11 months - Branch, date and author details are now displayed along with the revision id

in the advanced find's treeview.
- Have removed the status labels at the bottom of the advanced find window as
the change above makes these labels redundant.
- Now correctly use the appbar's push method.
- Made the advanced find and file find windows behave consistently.
- Now use scalar(@array) to determine the size of a list/array and only use
$#array where I actually want the maximum index in use.
- Corrected a bug where file name globs weren't anchored to the beginning of the
string, also improved the definition of some wild card characters.
- Now prefix callback names with `main::' if no package name is present in the
glade_signal_autoconnect routine. This is to stop Gtk2 assuming that if no
package name is present then it should assume that the callback routine is in
the same package as the code that called Gtk2->main_iteration().
- The panes in the advanced find window no longer collapse to nothing (now the
same as the main browser window).
10 years 11 months - Made sure that the cursor is at the end of the branch name in the branch

- Image formats unsupported by textviews now have their exceptions handled
correctly and it now silently falls back to displaying its MIME type.
10 years 11 months Reordered the export statements to come after the routine prototypes.
10 years 11 months - Removed the redundant `o' switch from all re operations as Perl can work this

out for itself.
- Implemented the `database locked' handler. I.e. when we get SQLite lock errors
this application will retry the command that failed.
10 years 11 months - Now cope with advanced find operations that return a revision without a branch

- Now cope with multiple changelog certificates on a single revision (the other
certificates are ok as they are dumbly printed out).
10 years 11 months Added the show line numbers toggle button on the main browser window.
10 years 11 months Renamed to
10 years 11 months - Changed progress bar usage to make sure that they always end up at 100%.

- Added regexp capability to the Find Text dialog.
- Can now use the Find Text dialog on all textview widgets apart from the one on
the Advanced Find dialog (because it is modal).
- The find text combobox entry widget now always gets the input focus when
displaying it.
10 years 11 months - Moved the tagged_checkbutton_toggled_cb into the common callback code file for

comboboxentry auto-completion.
- The Find Files and Revision History windows now display tag names in their
titles if the revision is selected via a tag.
- The get_revision_ids routine can now return the currently selected tag name if
- Tag names are expanded before calling up the Find Files dialog window.
10 years 11 months Cleaned up the event filter a bit (moved it back into the package, this should

be ok and it seems to work.
10 years 11 months Do binary data detection in a more memory efficient manor now.
11 years 7 days - Added the Find Files functionality.

- Moved a few routines around.
- Switched over to using the use warnings pragma instead of using -w or -W (it
gives far greater control.
11 years 1 month Fixed a few minor bugs with the 0.44b release.
11 years 1 month - Added a stop button to the advanced find dialog window and the file/revision

comparison window.
- Added another event to the WindowManager busy filter (now suppress the delete
event used when dismissing windows).
11 years 1 month - Can now launch an external differences viewer.

- Preferences, where needed, are now validated on saving.
- File::Temp::tempdir dir is a bit buggy and doesn't like to be called as
File::Temp->tempdir(), so I have included the symbol and now call it as
- Corrected a bug inside the built-in differences viewer where it added too many
spaces onto the ends of file names (didn't matter until now as these were just
listed in the file selection ComboBox, but they are now used as the actual
file names when viewing differences externally).
11 years 1 month - Implemented the option to display diffs in plain text, as well as the

associated revision logs.
- Added the save diffs button.
- The revision history window now stops on multiples of 100 as againts just one
- Implemented the ability to upgrade the user preference record.
- Added the motion-notify event to the list that should be suppressed when the
application is busy.
11 years 1 month - Items are formatted properly regardless of their name in a revision report.

- Moved generate_revision_report into, it seems more logical.
- All icon buttons are now flush.
11 years 1 month Implemented the reset to defaults button on the preferences dialog.
11 years 1 month Got text searching working properly in both directions.
11 years 1 month - Implemented a faster event filter.

- Added some events to the `what to filter out' list.
- Implemented the hide_find_text routine and now use it to hide fid text windows
when the related browser window is dismissed.



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