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1make symlinks
2Set up a couple of symlinks
3make usher
4Modified usher that uses the project database for a server list,
5and uses the same config file as the web interface.
6createdb <dbname>
7psql -f schema.sql <dbname>
8setup database, if not done as the webserver user, that user will need
9permission to read/insert/update.
10If you want the reset script to work, you need permission to delete.
11cp hostconfig.dist hostconfig
12and then update to match your local setup
14skel/Some useful files
16www/Make this accessible to your webserver
17www/viewmtn/viewmtn install, modified slightly
19projects/*/Project-specific (internal)
20www/projects/*/Project-specific (web-available)
21graphs/viewmtn graph cache
22These three need to be +rw for the webserver.
23Also, the webserver needs to be able to symlink from
24www/projects/ to www/{project.php,admin.php,viewmtn/}.
25This probably means that those have to be owned by the
26webserver, since apache likes to only follow symlinks
27that are owned by the same user as the target file.
29hostconfigconfig file
30common.php$conffile must point to the hostconfig file
32Make sure all dns addresses *.<hostname> map to an address that the
33usher is listening on.
35usher hostconfig
36There's a modified usher that uses the same config file and
37takes the server list from a database

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