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1This directory tree holds the version control system `monotone'.
3`monotone' is a free distributed version control system that provides
4a simple, single-file transactional version store, with fully
5disconnected operation and an efficient peer-to-peer synchronization
6protocol. It understands history-sensitive merging, lightweight
7branches, integrated code review and 3rd party testing. it uses
8cryptographic version naming and client-side RSA certificates. It
9has good internationalization support, few external dependencies,
10and runs on unix, OSX, windows, and is licensed under the GNU GPL
12Please see `COPYING' for licensing information, and `AUTHORS' for
13further information on those who have contributed, as well as
14licensing information for software used by `monotone'.
16The file `INSTALL' in this directory tells you how to build and
17install `monotone' on various systems, one you have unpacked or
18checked out the entire file tree.
20Please have a look at the file `NEWS' for information on new features
21and other user-visible changes in `monotone'.
23You may find bugs in this release. If you do, please report them, as
24that helps us enhance `monotone' further, or simply fix problems on
25machines we don't have, or in code we don't use often. Please send
26bugs reports to the mailing list, or
27(preferred) go to using
28your favorite web browser, sign in and issue a bug report there.

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