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1This directory contains various things that we're not quite sure what
2to do with, but that someone may find useful.
4Unlike the rest of monotone, the code in this directory is _not_ tested,
5and may not even work with the current version of monotone.
7See individual files for licenses.
9 -- monotone.zsh_completion: command line completion code for zsh.
11 -- monotone-nav.el: An Emacs interface.
13 -- A python script to watch a repository and
14 send notifications of commits to CIA (
16 -- An interactive text-mode history browser
18 -- A Perl module to access a 'mtn automate stdio' subprocess.
20 -- A simple monotone profiling script.
22 -- Removed. Now in branch net.venge.monotone.contrib.monotree
24 --, run and you
25 will get ext_hooks.lua, a hooks system that allows loading several
26 implementations of the same hooks from a bunch of .lua files stored in
27 a directory pointed at by $MTN_LUAHOOKSDIR. Hooks are commonly added
28 using the function add_hook(). There is simple documentation at the
29 top of
31 -- script to mirror another (remote) database and to
32 perform actions after mirroring, all according to a specification file.
33 a post action script that updates
34 directories after a database has been mirrored according to a
35 specification file.
36 Both files has comments in the beginning, explaining how the specification
37 files should be written.
39 -- monotone-run-script-post-netsync.lua: run a script after revs or certs
40 for a particular branch have arrived via netsync
42 -- mtn_makepermissions: creates read-permissions and write-permissions from
43 files in the subdirectories read-permissions.d and write-permissions.d,
44 Debian-style.
46 -- monotone-cluster-push.lua: A simple script to push changes to other
47 servers upon receiving them. This will only work on a server instance.
49 -- extra-commands.lua: Some simple lua user commands to automate common
50 command sequences. The lua code should be copied to a monotonerc file
51 for use.
53 -- ciabot_monotone_hookversion.lua /
54 Two scripts that work together to send commit notifications to
55 The main configuration is done in the file
56 ciabot.conf, found in the monotone configuration directory.
57 Before including ciabot_monotone_hookversion.lua, you need to assign
58 the path (as a string) to to the
59 variable ciabot_python_script.
60 For further documentation on the configuration, see the comments
61 in
63 -- display_branches.lua: A simple Lua script that hooks into the netsync
64 notifiers. After a pull, it will display what branches are being
65 filled with new revisions, and how many. Easy to include from your
66 monotonerc.

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