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blob .mtn-ignore 8 years 1 month * .mtn-ignore: ignore a couple of newly generated files during the build 1.44 kB
blob AUTHORS 7 years 11 months Richard Hopkins: Added email address to AUTHORS 17.08 kB
blob ChangeLog 12 years 1 month * ChangeLog: replace the old ChangeLog file with something 930 bytes
blob 7 years 11 months * set 1.0.90 as development version 4.92 kB
blob COPYING 11 years 3 months * debian/rules: Turn compiler optimization back on by default. Doh! 17.99 kB
blob HACKING 8 years 16 days Richard Levitte: * HACKING: Commands in the middle of sentences should also be quoted. 26.26 kB
blob INSTALL 7 years 11 months Richard Hopkins: sqlite3-dev -> sqlite3-devel for openSUSE 8.46 kB
blob INSTALL_windows_cygwin.txt 8 years 3 days revert fix_abs_builddir workaround; found a better one 1.39 kB
blob INSTALL_windows_native.txt 7 years 11 months fix gcc 4.5.2 compiler warnings, one failing test on Win32 6.49 kB
blob 8 years 2 days * cygport/*, change file names in mtn to not have version numbers 36.79 kB
blob NEWS 7 years 11 months Richard Levitte: * NEWS,, visualc/config.h: Go on to the next development 162.36 kB
blob README 8 years 3 months Richard Levitte: Enhance README with information on what monotone is, 1.46 kB
blob README.visualc8 12 years 11 months Timothy Brownawell: use libiconv and zlib from GnuWin32; add README.visualc8 with instructions 736 bytes
blob UPGRADE 7 years 11 months Richard Levitte: * UPGRADE,, visualc/config.h: Update the version number to 1.0. 12.84 kB

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