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1Revision history for Perl extension Monotone::AutomateStdio.
30.01 Sun Nov 9 12:48:46 2008 Anthony Cooper
4- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
5-X -n Monotone::AutomateStdio
70.02 Wed Jan 7 16:00:00 2009 Anthony Cooper
8- Updated to work with Monotone version 0.42 (added the
9 $mtn->file_merge(), $mtn->lua() and $mtn->read_packets() methods and
10 added support for the --no-workspace mtn command line switch).
11- Added contributions and ideas from Thomas Keller:
12 - Now have two constructors new_from_db() and new_from_ws(). The
13 first is aliased to new() and does what the old constructor did.
14 The second constructor uses the details from the specified
15 workspace.
16 - The databases are checked to see if they are Monotone SQLite v3
17 databases before they are opened by the mtn subprocess.
18 - The get_ws_path() method has been added.
19 - The mtn subprocess is either started inside the root directory (if
20 no workspace is being used) or in the top level directory inside
21 the specified/current workspace. This helps avoid all sorts of
22 confusion and weirdness with the mtn subprocess.
23- Added the db_locked_condition_detected() method.
24- Now support the NULL key type in parse_kv_record to allow for cases
25 where there is a field key without a value.
26- Revamped all of the regexp string extraction code to be more
27 efficient.
28- The $io_stanza_re regular expression now also extras the key name.
29- Made an exception message more meaningful.
30- mtn-tester has been updated to test the new features and now
31 recreates the $mtn object after doing its initial tests so that any
32 error messages are cleared out prior to the actual tests.
33- Updated the documentation as a result of the new 0.42 features. I
34 have included a new EXAMPLES section, which details some of the less
35 obvious features, and an AUTHORS section. I have also revamped the
36 RETURN VALUE section to make it more readable).

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