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1Mon Mar 1 00:32:07 EST 2004
30.10 release. new "netsync" protocol implemented, allowing
4direct monotone-to-monotone database synchronization. random
5number underflow problem fixed. more tests added. database
6schema changed, must migrate schema. added new QA logic to
7update and merge algorithms (testresult / approval).
9Thu Jan 1 18:23:06 EST 2004
110.9 release. support international users (non-ASCII character
12sets, locales). some corrections to update algorithm. line
13merging algorithm reimplemented. support working copy
14MT/monotonerc file. broke format compatibility with MT/work
15files; commit any pending work before upgrading. permit
16spaces, colons, other "funny" characters in filenames. support
17HTTP 1.1, HTTP proxies, handle some corner cases in ancestry
18graph and database faults.
20Fri Nov 21 20:25:26 EST 2003
220.8 release. row size increased to 16mb. more performance
23improvements in cvs importer. cvs branch tags imported now.
24minor UI improvements. new commands: SQL dump and load, vcheck
25for enhanced collision detection, queue addtree for recursive
26queueing. improved networking scalability. historical rename
27certs and .mt-attrs file format changed to accomodate upcoming
28i18n work.
30Sun Nov 2 23:38:09 EST 2003
320.7 release. many critical merge and patch set calculation
33bugs fixed. groups merged with URLs, "monotone db migrate"
34necessary. directory renames and explicit rename certs
35supported. added SMTP support. incorporated adns library,
36avoiding gethostbyname(). new queue commands.
38Sat Oct 18 22:10:09 EDT 2003
400.6 release. more stability and bug fixing, including fix to
41some silent failures in LCA calculation. some minor new
42features: persistent attributes (eg. 'the execute bit'),
43rename and log commands. performance of cvs importer greatly
44improved, lua system upgraded to 5.0, much expanded
47Sat Sep 27 11:50:08 EDT 2003
490.5 release. stability and bug fixing. many UI issues
50addressed, including SHA1 completion, persistent options, new
51revert command and new diff modes. database migration,
52inspection and debugging interfaces added. LCS algorithm and
53line-merger overhauled. several multi-depot bugs
54fixed. existing depot databases should be migrated (depot.cgi
57Thu Sep 4 15:40:07 EDT 2003
590.4 release. monotone is now self-hosting. database
60compatibility broken since 0.3. depot uses RSA signatures now,
61not mac keys. many bugs removed. depot database compatibility
62broken. database schemas should now remain stable (or be
63provided with safe schema-upgrading function).
65Mon Aug 25 18:00:37 EDT 2003
670.3 release. database compatibility broken. packet format
68compatibility broken. dropped boost sandbox library dependency.
69redid networking to support private HTTP+CGI depots along with
70netnews. wrote depot. added 'propagate' command to move changes
71between branches asymmetrically. rewrote testsuite in autotest.
72cleaned up command line processing. expanded testsuite. improved
73user-friendly error reporting.
75Fri Aug 8 10:20:01 EDT 2003
770.2 release. database compatibility broken. dropped many
78library dependencies. hand-reimplemented xdelta, parts of
79nana. incorporated subset of cryptopp and sqlite into
80sources. added RCS and CVS importer. switched to piecewise
81reconstruction. generally much more robust storage system.
82scalability tests against real world CVS archives show
83performance gap with CVS closing, but still present.
85Sun Apr 6 20:20:42 EDT 2003
87initial release

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