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1The master for these figures is the file oo-figures.sxd.
3The individual PDFs are generated by loading that file in OpenOffice,
4selecting the components that make up a single figure, hitting "File
5-> Export as PDF", choosing the filename correponding to the figure
6selected, hitting "Export", and then in the second dialog box that
7pops up, hitting "Range: Selection", and then "Export" again. Make
8sure to use lossless compression.
10Then you get a pdf file that's the size of a whole page, with the
11actual figure floating somewhere in the middle. This is where the script comes in. Run ' <your file>.pdf'; this
13will generate <your file>-crop.pdf'. Copy that over <your file>, and
14you should be good on the PDF.
16The PNGs are exported in the same way from OpenOffice: select the
17figure, export.. and change the file type to PNG and the output file
18name as appropriate. There equivalent prompt for Selection is a
19checkbox at the bottom of the first dialog this time, and will be on
20by default if a selection is active.

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