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Issue 229: Ubuntu 14.04 Breaks Application

Reported by Tony Cooper, Jun 6, 2015

List of things that don't work/are problems:
1. The sha1 package is included in a slightly different way.
2. The application `exits' after spawning a program via system().
3. Arrows aren't drawn in graph mode (I suspect this is a dotty 
parsing issue).
4. Help doesn't work via yelp.
6. Some custom text label panels show up in a slightly different 
shade of grey from the rest.

Oh deep joy.

Comment 1 by Tony Cooper, Apr 17, 2016

Status: Accepted

Comment 2 by Tony Cooper, Apr 17, 2016

1) Changed.
2) Odd. There seems to be some nasty interaction between system() 
and signal handling/Gtk. I didn't get to the bottom of this as 
fork() - exec() and IPC:Open3() didn't suffer from this. So I wrote 
a replacement routine that does a simple fork() - exec() and that 
works fine.
3) Dot is now outputting data on more than one line. Sigh. Now 
changed the parse to merge lines where the contents of [] are spread 
over more than one line.
4) This does work on Unity but not on KDE. Probably best to use the 
HTML viewer option for KDE instead.
5) Simply forced the size of the eventbox widget to 10000. Inelegant 
but it works. Basically we need something to provide a background 
beyond what the label provides.
Status: Fixed

Created: 7 years 2 months ago by Tony Cooper

Updated: 6 years 3 months ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Tony Cooper


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