Monotone Browser

Monotone Browser


Monotone browser (mtn-browse) is an application for browsing Monotone VCS databases without the need for a workspace. The interface allows one to:

  • Easily select a revision from within a branch.
  • Find a revision using complex queries.
  • Navigate the contents of a revision using a built in file manager.
  • Display file contents, either using the internal viewer or an external helper application.
  • Graph revision histories.
  • Compare the changes between different revisions or versions of a file either using the internal difference viewer or an external application.
  • Find files within a revision based on detailed search criteria.
  • Display file annotations and easily refer back to the corresponding change documentation.
  • Save files to disk.

Further Information

For more information please visit mtn-browse's main site.

More information on Monotone can be found here.

Development Team
Tony Cooper
Happy Crew
Thomas Keller

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