Issue 106: mtn pull/sync notes that workspace was not updated even when no revs pulled

Reported by joe 23, Nov 17, 2010

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. mtn pull or mtn sync where no new revs are pulled

Expected result:
same as below but without the last line

Actual results:
mtn: connecting to mtn://xxx:4691
mtn: finding items to synchronize:
mtn: certificates | keys | revisions
mtn:        1,234 |   56 |       789
mtn:  bytes in | bytes out | revs in | revs out
mtn:    12.3 k |    34.5 k |     0/0 |      9/9
mtn: successful exchange with mtn://xxx:4691
mtn: note: your workspace has not been updated

Output of `mtn version --full`:

Comment 1 by Thomas Keller, Nov 18, 2010

This is a somewhat "expected" message, but I understand 
that its misleading, especially if the option "--update" 
is not given at all which would actually trigger the update process 
if there are potential update candidates.

@Team: What about returing early if 
can_do_update is false, i.e. without an additional informational 

Comment 2 by Richard Levitte, Nov 27, 2010

I agree with Thomas' comment.  I find that message annoying and 
confusing when I haven't asked for an update.

Comment 3 by Richard Levitte, Nov 28, 2010

Fixed with revision 46d701cb0f163e312543d5aad26ea7a247b58208
Status: Fixed
Owner: levitte

Created: 13 years 6 months ago by joe 23

Updated: 13 years 5 months ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Richard Levitte

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