Issue 13: nice ideas in bazaar-ng

Reported by Unknown User, Feb 21, 2005

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Some notes to self on things to consider stealing from bazaar-ng, so 
I won't forget them:
  -- they have a predicate subcommand "is".  "bzr is 
clean" exits with status 0 if the working directory is clean, 
for instance.

  -- "Verbose logs are always written to .bzr.log in the 
current directory".  Why don't we write logs somewhere in MT/?  
Especially on crashes, that would be totally useful.  Avoids the 
twin problems of "users don't want incomprehensible junk spewed 
in their face" and "users don't want incomprehensible junk 
scattered randomly around their filesystems".  Doesn't work if 
we don't have a working directory, of course.  Could drop it in 
$TMPDIR or something, I suppose.

     in particular, I like "It might even be possible to chain 
them, getting the file id from one revision and its state from 
another: @70/hello.c@31  This means "the file that was called 
hello.c in revision 70, give me its state in revision 31
.""  Neat idea, could be very useful.  I've totally been 
wanting syntax for file-in-revision lately...

Comment 1 by Unknown User, Mar 18, 2005

For future reference it's

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