Issue 135: need automate get_corresponding_path for workspace rename

Reported by Stephen Leake, Jan 20, 2011

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. in a workspace, use 'mtn mv' to rename a file, but don't commit
2. mtn automate get_corresponding_path <??workspace> <new 
file name> <base rev>

Expected result:
want the new name of the file in the workspace, but there is no way 
to get that from automate.

Output of `mtn version --full`: 1.0dev

Actually, there is a way; do 'mtn automate inventory', and look for 
the file. But that's cumbersome.

The current syntax of the command is:

mtn automate get_corresponding_path rev1 file rev2

'file' is the filename in rev1; the result is the filename in rev2.

In general, we need to allow either rev1 or rev2 to be the workspace 
(Emacs DVC needs both).

We could introduce two new commands:

'mtn automate get_base_rev_path <file>'

    <file> is current workspace name; return name in workspace 
base revision.

'mtn automate get_workspace_path <file>'

    <file> is file name in workspace base rev; return name in 

Comment 1 by Thomas Keller, Feb 5, 2011

Its not a bug, ... :)
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Created: 13 years 3 months ago by Stephen Leake

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