Issue 16: unify bad_decode() and error()

Reported by Unknown User, Mar 5, 2005

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we have two different ways of reporting errors in netsync.  the 
advantage of bad_decode is that it triggers a transaction rollback.  
the advantage of error is that it informs the peer of the error 
before shutting down the connection.

these should be merged into a single error-reporting functionality, 
so that all errors inform the peer of the problem (a significant 
usability improvement), and all errors trigger a database rollback.

beware of 2nd-level errors encountered while informing the peer of 
an error -- these must be handled correctly as well (presumably by 
giving up on telling the peer anything useful and just shutting down 
the connection immediately).

Created: 19 years 4 months ago by Unknown User

Status: New

Type:Code Cleanup

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