Issue 173: Test failure in diff_patch_drop with newer patch(1)

Reported by Thomas Keller, May 22, 2011

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Install patch- or newer
2. Run the diff_patch_drop test

Expected result:

Successful run.

Actual results:

Test failure in line 39.

Output of `mtn version --full`:

mtn-1.0, openSUSE:Factory

I contacted Andreas Gr├╝nbacher (hacker on patch(1) and openSUSE 

"[...] Previously (at least up until patch, when 
patch received a complete file deletion as input (target path 
/dev/null), it not only deleted the file, but also the empty 
directory it resided in. Now with the version oS has deployed on 
Factory (, patch only seems to remove the file, but not 
the directory.

Is this something that is now expected, maybe even a result of



and I'm awaiting his answer. The easiest fix for this problem is 
obviously to remove the check in line 39 altogether.

Created: 13 years 28 days ago by Thomas Keller

Status: New

Owner: Thomas Keller

Type:Incorrect Behavior

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