Issue 19: partial pull

Reported by Unknown User, May 2, 2005

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As I mentioned on the iRC the current state of design requires 
someone to pull a _whole_ history of a project even if s/he's only 
want to work on recent versions. This isn't really just a problem of 
network traffic (eg. "you don't have to worry, it only pulls 
the whole shebang once") but disk space too (monotone repo 
currently above 45MB, and it's a small project; mozilla and linux 
kernel were mentioned, both possessing extensive amounts of 
historical revisions).

Partial pulls naturally would require a bit caution at handling, and 
maybe some functions could result "I can't do what you asked 
for, please pull more history"... I am not even sure whether it 
can be done or not. But I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to store 
mozilla in monotone, full history on my disk, even when "disk 
space is cheap" (unless it became free of charge :)).

At least I'd prefer to know why this couldn't, shouldn't or mustn't 
be done. :) [And what are the alternatives for people with limited 
bandwidth, disk space or patience (pulling/verifying monotone still 
required 90 minutes, dunno how long kernel would take :))]

monotone version:
monotone 0.18 (base revision: 

Comment 1 by Unknown User, May 2, 2005

This would definitely be worthwhile.  The main barrier is working 
out a safe scheme for doing so; remember that anyone can sync with 
anyone else at any time, so there are really funky edge cases that 
come up when two people who have partial history sync with each 

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