Issue 190: git_export should ignore suspended heads

Reported by joe 23, Sep 16, 2011

After exporting a branch with suspended revs, git will stop at the 
suspended rev instead of the correct head.

Either mtn shouldn't export suspended heads or it should tell git to 
ignore them, if that's possible.

The workaround is to 'mtn local kill_rev $REV' for each known 
suspended head before exporting.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. mtn up -r p:
2. mtn suspend h:
3. > foo
4. mtn ci foo
5. mtn git_export > ../export.dat
6. cd ../bar
7. git init
8. git fast-import ../export.dat
9. git checkout branchname

The file 'foo' is not there. Git's head is the suspended rev.

Expected result:
Git is at the correct head.

Actual results:
Git is at the suspended head.

Output of `mtn version --full`:

Comment 1 by Lapo Luchini, Jan 19, 2014

Probably related.
I have two mtn branches: one trunk and one feature branch now 
suspended that doesn't show up anymore on "mtn ls 
When I git_export both are exported (and can be seen with "git 
branch"); I'd like the merged-and-suspended one to be exported 
no more.

Created: 12 years 9 months ago by joe 23

Updated: 10 years 5 months ago

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