Issue 210: mtn diff should ignore mtn:manual_merge files

Reported by Stephen Leake, Jul 28, 2012

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. add a large (50 MB) text file 
2. run mtn diff; notice that it chokes 
3. add mtn:manual_merge to large file
4. run mtn diff

Expected result:
does not diff the manual_merge file, outputting a message about 
"has mtn:manual_merge attribute" instead.

Actual results:
still chokes (hangs, produces no output for a _very_ long time).

Output of `mtn version --full`:

Comment 1 by Stephen Leake, Jul 28, 2012

Currently, diff only ignores files that are considered binary by guess_binary. But the user might have other reasons to 
exclude a file (such as it's too large, or it has a format that some 
other tool handles much better). Rather than having to specify 
--exclude every time, setting the mtn:manual_merge attribute should 
have that effect, just as that attribute excludes the file from 
internal merging.

Comment 2 by Stephen Leake, Aug 4, 2012

fixed in 09c2276fbcffdaca4bbb83d0f1fcefa76da15d12
Status: Fixed

Created: 11 years 11 months ago by Stephen Leake

Updated: 11 years 11 months ago

Status: Fixed

Type:Incorrect Behavior

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