Issue 23: Line ending conversion

Reported by Unknown User, Jun 13, 2005

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when reading

I see that by default monotone does no line ending conversion.

I am looking for an alternative to subversion's 
"svn:eol-style=native" - a property used to mark files 
that should have the platform-native eol. I've found the hook 
|get_linesep_conv| but that would require each and every user 
separately determine and set the files. Is there anything that can 
be added to the database to make the information about the prefered 
eol-style for a file distribute in the same matter as the file 
itself? Maybe some cert? Or something in .mt-attrs?


graydon's response:

probably selecting behavior off of the "encoding" 
attribute (or a separate EOL one, since this is a 
related-but-different aspect of the encoding), subject to user 
override, will be ok. we need to try a few variations on the idea 
and revisit this. if you'd like to enter a bug, I would like to make 
the results both technically satisfactory and also "pleasant to 


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