Issue 39: add a command to invoke the user's editor on MT/log

Reported by Unknown User, Mar 7, 2006

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A monotone command which invokes the user's editor on MT/log would 
be a desirable bit of interface candy for several reasons:

1) Commands are relatively more discoverable than files in the 
bookkeeping directory; particularly files which do not always exist.
2) 'mtn note' is easier than 'emacs ../../ -- oh wait, is it 
../../.., or ../../../..?'

I put forth 'mtn note' for this command, simply because 'note' is 
what OpenCM used.  I don't particularly like this command, but 'log' 
is already taken and it seems OK.


Created: 17 years 8 months ago by Unknown User

Status: New

Component:Command Line UI
Type:Feature Request

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