Issue 80: mtn add --unknown does not recurse into unknown directories

Reported by Thomas Keller, Jun 30, 2010

(This entry was imported from the savannah tracker, original 

mtn add --unknown adds all unknown files and directories in a 
working copy, but not those which are under unknown directories 
themselves. One has to explicitely give -R to let mtn recurse into 
these unknown directories. But why does it recurse already into 
existing ones...? This is a little inconsistent.

monotone version:

Comment 1 by Stephen Leake, Aug 7, 2012

working in branch nvm.issue-148-80; see discussion in issue 148.
Status: Started
Owner: stephe

Comment 2 by Stephen Leake, Aug 22, 2012

fixed in fff999548e6d92a4d16280c7bfc346dff5353274
Status: Fixed

Created: 13 years 5 months ago by Thomas Keller

Updated: 11 years 3 months ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Stephen Leake

Component:Command Line UI
Type:Incorrect Behavior

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