Issue 128: mtn list databases doesn't show dbs with extension other than '.mtn'

Reported by Stephen Leake, Jan 9, 2011

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Create a mtn db  ~/.monotone/databases/foo.db
2. Create another ~/.monotone/databases/
3. mtn list datbases

Expected result:
show both

Actual results:
shows only

Output of `mtn version `: 1.0dev

One fix would be to provide a Lua hook to filter the file names in 
the managed directories (or at least provide the file extension to 
filter on); call the hook from CMD(databases ...), 
instead of the hardcoded filter that is there now.

Comment 1 by Stephen Leake, Jan 9, 2011

I forgot to mention that all my current dbs have extension 
".db"; changing that would be a royal pain (the extension 
occurs in lots of sync scripts, and in every workspace). Providing a 
hook would work for me.
Labels: Milestone:1.0

Comment 2 by Thomas Keller, Jan 9, 2011

Working on it.
Status: Accepted
Owner: tommyd

Comment 3 by Thomas Keller, Jan 11, 2011

Fixed in 26247c0942d893d4129e2aeaf52f6a8bd9c6681b (in 
Status: Fixed

Created: 13 years 6 months ago by Stephen Leake

Updated: 13 years 6 months ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Thomas Keller

Type:Incorrect Behavior

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