Issue 129: need 'mtn list workspaces'

Reported by Stephen Leake, Jan 9, 2011

Output of `mtn version `: 1.0dev

It would be nice to be able to list the workspaces registered in a 
single database (managed or not); currently we can only list all 
workspaces in all managed databases.

Comment 1 by Thomas Keller, Jan 10, 2011

Labels: Milestone:1.0
Status: Accepted
Owner: tommyd

Comment 2 by Thomas Keller, Jan 11, 2011

Implemented in revision b5eabe26d8db8d24a28251912e7a6e38a01a1f64 - 
lets do the code review this time in ticket form, what do you think?
Status: Fixed

Comment 3 by Thomas Keller, Jan 12, 2011

Actually, please base your review on revision 
cb6687e46fc6d115f51e888bf6c8b655fa524036 - I was a bit 

Comment 4 by Stephen Leake, Jan 12, 2011

code is excellent (compiling now on MinGW for tests). 

manual needs a little more work; reference get_default_database_glob 
in commands that use it (setup, checkout, list workspaces, list 
databases, --db, any others?), mention that setup, checkout register 
databases (any other commands do this?)

should we mention the new Lua hook in NEWS? seems like a good idea.

Comment 5 by Stephen Leake, Jan 12, 2011

there are several tests failing, mostly because setup now registers 
databases automatically.

Some other failures are not due to changes in this branch.

Comment 6 by Thomas Keller, Jan 12, 2011

I mentioned the Lua hook in the bugfix entry - I thought this one 
was not important enough to be displayed somewhere more 

I think Richard was so kind and fixed the failing tests. How much I 
await a working buildbot setup...

I'll look over the documentation improvements tonight.

Comment 7 by Thomas Keller, Jan 14, 2011

I decided to reference the hook in the new managed databases section 
to which is linked from many locations. Since every 
database-oriented command uses the hook somehow indirectly as soon 
as it addresses a database in a managed location, I thought it would 
be a bit overkill.

I also reworked the section a bit and grouped the various references 
to lua hooks in a list. Please review my English therefor from rev 
309d7f514b5483b21e470d833677258ac0ed4a7e and drop me a note when you 
find this ready to merge.

Comment 8 by Thomas Keller, Jan 14, 2011

I added the missing section about register/unregister workspace in 
rev a2a3357b0ff17f5fbc0fcda117fb0310125b60da and improved a few ref 

Comment 9 by Stephen Leake, Jan 14, 2011

looks good; I think we can propagate this to main now.

Comment 10 by Thomas Keller, Jan 14, 2011

Done. Thanks for the review!

Created: 13 years 5 months ago by Stephen Leake

Updated: 13 years 5 months ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Thomas Keller

Type:Incorrect Behavior

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