Issue 183: 'mtn log directoryname' omits revs for deleted files

Reported by joe 23, Sep 6, 2011

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. mkdir foo
2. mtn add foo
3. mtn ci
4. echo bar > foo/bar
5. mtn add foo/bar
6. mtn ci
7. mtn drop foo/bar
8. mtn ci
9. mtn log foo --last 3
10. mtn log --last 3

Expected result:
9) and 10) should produce identical outputs - a log of all 3 revs

Actual results:
9) Shows only the first checkin (step 3). The revs that add and 
delete foo/bar (steps 6 and 8) are not shown. The output of 10) is 

Output of `mtn version --full`:

Comment 1 by Thomas Keller, Sep 7, 2011

This is a problem (and also another quirk) of the restriction code 
we're using in monotone right now and while its not hard to fix one 
use case, its easy to break another while changing the behavior in 
this specific area.

Depending on the command context (log vs. diff vs. log with diff) 
people expect different outputs, but I agree we have a deficit 

Created: 12 years 10 months ago by joe 23

Updated: 12 years 10 months ago

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