Issue 186: Subcommand for package bundle creation

Reported by Martin von Gagern, Sep 12, 2011

This is a feature request coming from issue 182 comment 8. describes, how to 
manually bundle packets for transfer via file. It would be nice to 
have some mtn subcommand or other tool which can bundle up all the 
data required to make a given revision (typically current local 
head) available in a remote repository. That would be massively 
useful for attaching patches. I've written a small perl script that 
automates the steps from the docs, but it requires explicitely 
naming of the revisions to bundle. Extending that shouldn't be too 
hard, but having this integrated into mtn would be even better. What 
do you think?

I might add that other some DVCS have such features:

Created: 9 years 18 days ago by Martin von Gagern

Status: New

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