Issue 28: CVS import uses old revisions of some files

Reported by Unknown User, Aug 17, 2005

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When importing the attached CVS repository, old revisions of many of 
the files are used, and some files are missing entirely.

To see the difference, import the CVS repo to a monotone branch, and 
check it out.  Then check out the repo using CVS, and diff the trees.

monotone version:
monotone 0.22 (base revision: 
Running on: Linux 2.6.10 #3 Sun Apr 17 14:52:43 CEST 2005 i686
Changes since base revision:

new_manifest [10362ee0d4a3dc70c67ab38ec21db76d3d231320]

old_revision [28058ae3e850229a5d8fae65415cbbf82b435377]
old_manifest [10362ee0d4a3dc70c67ab38ec21db76d3d231320]

Comment 1 by Unknown User, Aug 17, 2005

added attachment tcvp.tar.gz

Created: 18 years 6 months ago by Unknown User

Status: New

Type:Incorrect Behavior

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