Issue 35: "this server is down for maintainence"

Reported by Unknown User, Feb 25, 2006

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Requested by one of the OE guys... some way to set things up so that 
everyone connecting to a netsync server just gets a message back 
explaining that the server is currently down (and presumably giving 
some extra explanation of what's going on, when it will be fixed, 
who to talk to, etc.).

It might be possible to do this with just some netcat and shell 
scripts, even, but it still needs to be figured out and documented.

Comment 1 by Timothy Brownawell, Apr 21, 2006

It's possible to do this by putting the server behind an usher, 
although that doesn't have a way to give a particular reason for 
each downtime.

Comment 2 by Unknown User, Jul 17, 2006

this could be part of the functionality of the daemonized version.
see bug #16177

Comment 3 by Timothy Brownawell, Jan 23, 2011

Usher allows for giving a reason that a server is disabled now.
Status: Fixed

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