Issue 72: make on OpenBSD 4.0 exits: Don't know how to make TXT2CFLAGS (make line 8849)

Reported by Unknown User, Apr 14, 2008

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Installing gmake seems to have cleared up this problem.  I'm filing 
a bug because the INSTALL document at:

makes no mention of gmake as a (possible) requirement on some 

If you are wondering what choked the OpenBSD make utility, line 8849 
is the last "fi" statement associated with the target


The target

mostlyclean-recursive clean-recursive distclean-recursive \

follows immediately after a blank line.

The compile just finished while I was reporting this.  "make 
check" fails with the same error.  "gmake check" is 
now busy grinding away.

Resolution: either make the Makefile more portable, or document 
gmake as a possible requirement on some platforms.

monotone version:
Presently building monotone-0.40 as downloaded 13 April 2008

Created: 16 years 3 months ago by Unknown User

Updated: 14 years 2 months ago

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